China Gold Medalists and Members of Fu Hong Society Gather at Broadway Macau to Sample Local Delicacies

Dec 14, 2016 – A delegation of China’s Olympic medalists arrived in Macau to join the four-day “Olympic Gold Medalists Macau’s Series Activities – Energetic Visit 2016”. The athletes stayed at the Galaxy Hotel™, the official hotel for professional sport competitions in Macau. During their stay, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) invited the members of the Fu Hong Society to visit Broadway Macau™ with the gold medalists. The medalists were recognized by passers-by and received rapturous welcome from citizens and visitors.

The delegation of gold medalists, including badminton players Chen Long, Fu Hai Feng, Zhang Nan, Wang Shi Xian and Zhao Yun Lei, and were welcomed to Galaxy Macau™  by Mr. Michael Mecca, President of GEG and Mr. Buddy Lam, Assistant Senior Vice President of Public Relations of GEG. Members of the Fu Hong Society then presented a bundle of flowers to each medalist. After the welcome reception, the medalists and Fu Hong Society members visited Broadway Food Street at Broadway Macau, strolling the street and tasting the local foods, including the dragon’s beard candy, mini egg puffs and the traditional sweet soup at Hang Heong Un. Some of the Fu Hong Society members said that they loved playing badminton and were very excited to meet the professional badminton players. After learning that the association’s members were invited to watch Viva La Broadway - Golden Spectacular, the medalists accompanied the members to the Broadway Theatre before bidding farewell. The members especially enjoyed the mime performance, which brought them lots of laughter.

During their visit in Macau, the gold medalists were invited to attend a number of public events and visit local communities and schools to share their perspectives on life and experiences in sports. GEG believes that this activity has significant impact and is honored to have the opportunity to provide its “Asian Heart” service to the national gold medalists. GEG hopes the members of the Fu Hong Society have enjoyed a memorable moment with the athletes and increased their appreciation of sport and fitness.