Hearing and Mental Health Awareness Takes Center Stage at Galaxy Macau’s Team Member Events

Jan 19, 2017 – In hopes of expanding the promotional platform for charitable organizations, enhancing team members’ concern for the well-being of the community and promoting social inclusion, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and two local non-profit community organizations hosted two special activities at Galaxy Macau™ last month.

One hundred twenty GEG team members joined the first activity, for which the Macau Deaf Association (“MDA”) installed an interactive booth in the back offices of Galaxy Macau. The interactive booth simulated what daily activities are like for people with hearing impairment. The MDA hopes that the simulator experience and the short film they screened will raise awareness of the daily challenges faced by people living with hearing impairment and improve social inclusion and harmony. MDA representatives also taught team members some basic sign language that they can use when serving customers with hearing impairment.

For the second activity, the Richmond Fellowship of Macau (“Richmond”) set up plant art sales booths in the back offices of Galaxy Macau. During the two-day event, the Richmond service users demonstrated to GEG team members how the miniature plant decorations are made. Because creating the plant art requires a high level of concentration and coordination, the activity works therapeutically to improve emotional regulation. The event raised 20,000 MOP to support Richmond’s mission of promoting good community care in the field of mental health. GEG Team members said the event had given them a better understanding of people living with mental health issues.

GEG is proud to have been able to work closely with the dedicated organizers from the Macau Deaf Association and the Richmond Fellowship of Macau to “make a difference by making a commitment”.