GEG Staff Social Club Holds Fourth Annual CNY Soccer Fun Day

Feb 23, 2017 – With the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle and strengthening team spirit, the Staff Social Club of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) hosted the GEG CNY Soccer Fun Day for the fourth consecutive year at the Workers Stadium. Nearly 120 team members and their families and friends, joined the event. The all-day activity consisted of four parts: the GEG CNY Soccer Cup, the GEG Executive Show Game, the GEG Soccer Carnival and Soccer Free Time.

The event kicked off with the GEG Executive Show Game, played by teams of GEG executives. The audience of GEG employees and their families and friends cheered on the executives, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Following the Executive Show Game was the GEG CNY Soccer Cup, the key event. Despite the friendly nature of the matches, the four teams of GEG employees competed wholeheartedly. In the end, the GM Engineering team came out on top. Dan Lei, captain of the champion team, was thrilled with the result and said, “This is the fourth time I have joined this event, and I would like to give a big thank you to my team. The effort exerted by each of my teammates was key to our victory, and I hope it symbolizes a good start for all of us in 2017.”

In addition to the Soccer matches, the Staff Social Club also organized the GEG Soccer Carnival and Soccer Free Time to extend the fun to everyone. The participants enjoyed three-legged races and soccer shooting, an opportunity for some exercise and bonding with family, friends and colleagues from various GEG departments.

GEG strives to encourage a balance between work life and personal life for its team members and organizes a wide array of staff and family-oriented activities on a regular basis. This was the fourth annual GEG CNY Soccer Fun Day, over 600 people have joined. The Staff Social Club regularly hosts other sporting events in basketball, badminton, table tennis, bowling, dragon boat racing and tug of war.