GEG Holds First World Water Day Photo Contest

Mar 30, 2017 – To support the United Nations (“UN”)’s Sustainable Development Goals and the World Water Day, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) held its first World Water Day Photo Contest in March to raise awareness of water-related issues and promote good water-conservation habits among its team members.

The theme of the World Water Day Photo Contest was “Why Waste Water?” Mr. Randall Lo from Facilities Management of Galaxy Macau™ won first prize. Mr. Benny Mu, Vice President of Engineering of Galaxy Macau and Chairman of the Energy Management Committee, said, “Water is a very valuable resource as only 3.5% of the water on Earth is freshwater and is available for us. We are very pleased to have received a large positive response to the photo contest from our team members. We will continue to organize various activities as a means of focusing attention on water-related issues and the importance of water conservation.” In addition, GEG has introduced water-saving guidelines for its team members by providing notices in the back-of-house areas and pop-up messages on team members’ computers. GEG has also developed business operations improvements including implementing highly efficient water fittings and improving the water fountain and irrigation systems. These initiatives allowed GEG to reduce its water consumption by over 160,000 m3 in 2016.

GEG endeavors to foster a green culture within its hotel properties through various environmental measures, including energy conservation. Last year, GEG reduced its total energy consumption by 7% by optimizing the properties’ facilities and equipment. GEG achieved over 17,000,000 kWh of energy savings in 2016 by de-lamping in areas with excess illumination, retrofitting properties with LED lights and automatic lighting and temperature controls, and optimizing air conditioning systems and chiller plants. Over the past five years, GEG’s energy saving initiatives have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 17 million kg, which is equivalent to the environmental carbon reduction of planting over 740,000 trees. GEG has also participated in the World Wildlife Fund’s annual Earth Hour campaign since 2009.

In addition to optimizing hardware facilities for energy conservation, GEG established its Environmental Committee and Energy Management Committee to implement its environmental management system and to organize regular training on ecological awareness for GEG’s team members. GEG will continue to engage in green initiatives, reducing water and energy consumption and recycling materials to ensure environmental sustainability.