GEG Volunteer Team Visits Service Organization for the Elderly

November 28, 2017 Advocating for care and respect for Macau’s elderly residents, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) regularly organizes a variety of volunteer activities to benefit senior citizens. The GEG volunteer team recently spent a joyful afternoon with 45 elderly members of Asilo de Felicidade.

The volunteers prepared interactive games to foster a closer relationship with the members. One volunteer prepared magic tricks to entertain the seniors, who were captivated by the performance. Creating a lively atmosphere, the seniors and volunteers sang classic songs together. The volunteers also prepared gift bags filled with daily necessities. The members expressed their gratitude for the laughter and good wishes the volunteers brought. GEG volunteer Mr. Au Kok Seng expressed, “I am gratified that GEG offers me a chance to take part in this community care visit. In addition to caring for my elderly family members, I hope to extend my love to seniors and the needy in society, conveying the spirit of community engagement.”

GEG continuously encourages its team members to participate in volunteer activities and aims to unite the community to care for the needy. For elderly residents, GEG collaborates with several social service and charitable organizations every year to hold events, including the pre-Chinese New Year Care for the Hidden Elderly outreach program, the One Day Volunteering event, and the visit to Peng On Tung users in the local community. GEG is dedicated to continuously supporting and organizing diversified charitable activities to foster community integration and promote social harmony.