GEG Donates MOP300,000 to AJVM for Families Affected by the “8.23 Typhoon”

December26, 2017 In order to build strong relationships with local communities, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) supports various social service organizations in Macau. After the “8.23 Typhoon”, the GEG Foundation has provided funding assistance to over 20 non-profit organizations, including a donation of MOP300,000 to the Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau (“AJVM”) to assist households in the badly-affected areas of Coloane, S. Lourenço and Rua de Cinco de Outubro.

Recently, Mr. William Yiu, Executive Director of the GEG Foundation and Ms. Catherine Iu, Assistant Vice President, Corporate and Community Relations of Public Relations, GEG, visited AJVM and met with its President, Mr. Austin Wong, Director, Ms. Fion Lao, and Vice Director, Ms. Evonne Lee. During the visit, the parties discussed Macau’s post-typhoon relief efforts and daily social service work. Mr. Austin Wong expressed gratitude for GEG’s continued support and said that AJVM had used GEG’s donation to repair and purchase emergency commodities and electrical appliances for over 50 families that were affected by the typhoon. Additionally, the association dispatched social workers to offer counselling services to affected residents, he said.

Committed to serving Macau’s communities, the GEG Foundation has given a hand to different social service and charitable organizations—both big and small—in Macau after the typhoon, Mr. William Yiu said. “We are glad that our quick turnarounds in approving these donations were able to allow AJVM, under Mr. Austin Vong’s leadership, to take immediate action to help in particular those households in the disaster area during the aftermath of the typhoon, in returning their lives to as much normalcy as possible after the storm.” 

AJVM is a major non-profit volunteer group in the city, organizing volunteers to participate in different types of social service work. GEG has been in close contact with the association, working with it to promote responsible gaming and supporting its One Day Volunteer activity every year since 2011 to engage GEG team members in volunteer work. Abiding by the philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, GEG will continue to cooperate with various social service and charitable organizations to support local communities.