GEG Actively Fulfills Environmental Responsibility StarWorld Hotel Receives Latest ISO14001 Certification

February 6, 2018 – Through implementing a series of high-standard energy-saving measures at its facilities and offering conservation guidance to team members and guests, StarWorld Hotel, a member of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”), has been awarded the ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification, which recognizes GEG’s efforts in promoting environmental sustainability. The certification award ceremony was held this afternoon in the 8/F Ballroom of StarWorld Hotel.

The latest version of the world’s first international environmental standard, the globally recognized ISO14001:2015, sets strict requirements in order to enhance corporate environmental performance. Mr. Charles So, Director – Operations, StarWorld & City Clubs, received the ISO14001:2015 EMS certificate on behalf of StarWorld Hotel. “Receiving this latest version of the certification demonstrates that our continued efforts and dedication to environmental management at StarWorld Hotel are having a meaningful impact,” he said. StarWorld Hotel, along with the certification company SGS Group, presented the latest environmental management information to award ceremony guests so that they could see the concrete results of the environmental management program.

StarWorld Hotel has embedded environmental protection into its daily operations with multi-pronged conservation measures. These measures include the upgrading of lighting systems and the installation of recycled cooling water systems, which saved 3.77 million kWh of electricity and over 110,000 liters of water in 2017. The hotel has been working with its suppliers to process food waste into useful materials by installing an advanced food waste machine that uses biological degradation technology. Additionally, recycling bins are placed at sites across the property, and the hotel offers environmental training for team members and encourages guests to make convenient, environment-friendly choices that conserve resources. 

As a responsible corporate citizen, GEG endeavors to fulfill its environmental responsibilities. GEG has received a number of awards for its efforts. Flagship property Galaxy Macau™ obtained the Gold Award for Environmental Performance from the Business Awards of Macau 2017. In the annual Macau Energy Saving Contest, Broadway Macau™ won the Hotel Group B Champion Award and Energy Saving Concept Award, and StarWorld Hotel won the Continuous Energy Saving Award and Excellence Award. GEG vows to continue its efforts by implementing new energy efficiency programs to protect the environment.