GEG Holds Pre-Chinese New Year Celebration for Elderly at Broadway Macau

February 14, 2018 – The Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) Volunteer Team regularly organizes activities to support the needy and show care for the community. As Chinese New Year approaches, GEG held its Pre-Chinese New Year Celebration for the elderly at Broadway Macau, inviting the elderly of organizations under Caritas Macau to enjoy afternoon tea at the one Michelin star restaurant Xin Dau Ji, followed by the spectacular variety show “Viva La Broadway”.

Nearly 100 participants of Casa Ricci Elderly Center, Centro de Dia da Ilha Verde and Centro Pastoral da Areia Preta Elderly Center, of whom five are aged 90 and above, participated in the activity. To cater to the participants’ preferences, GEG chose the Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant Xin Dao Ji and arranged volunteers to join them for the gourmet dim sum and dishes. After the meal, the group attended the famous “Viva La Broadway” show at Broadway Theatre. Several of the participants said that the songs, dances and magic performance were stunning. After the show, the GEG volunteers gave gift packs to the participants, which included Chinese festive puddings, homemade scarves knitted by GEG employees and daily necessities.

“I joined the scarf-knitting and donation activity at GEG hoping that the elderly can feel love and warmth when wearing my scarf, and today I have the chance to give them the scarves. I think this is really meaningful,” GEG volunteer Amenda Lei said.

GEG has established a close relationship with Caritas de Macau over the years, supporting and co-organizing various activities, including the Christmas Celebration Activity with Chinese Gold Medalists, the Me and My Galaxy Inclusive Arts Workshop, the Oversized Oil Painting Workshop and the Caritas Macau Charity Bazaar. GEG will continue to provide proactive support to various social service groups and organizations and promote public awareness about caring for vulnerable groups in the community.