GEG Holds Fifth CNY Soccer Fun Day

March 8, 2018 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) attaches great importance to employees’ work-life balance and encourages its team members to promote their mental and physical health through exercise. GEG held the fifth Chinese New Year Soccer Fun Day at the Olympic Sports Centre Stadium, and over one hundred GEG team members and their families participated. The group spent a joy and fun-filled morning together.

This year’s Soccer Fun Day included the GEG CNY Soccer Cup and the GEG Executive Show Game. The teams participating in the Soccer Cup included the Security Department of Galaxy Macau™, the Engineering Department of Galaxy Macau, the Organization Development & Training Department and the International Premium and Mass Market Development (IPMMD) Department. The four teams took turns competing against one another, with their family members and friends enthusiastically cheering from the sidelines. After rounds of fierce competition, the IPMMD Department claimed the championship. To promote teamwork and a spirit of athleticism, GEG management members split into two teams for the Show Game. Both teams played their very best, but they valued friendship above competition.

“Thanks, GEG, for organizing such a fabulous activity every year. I sincerely thank my teammates, who are all football lovers. We could not have achieved victory without their strenuous efforts. We spent time practicing our skills together and developed understanding and team spirit. We encouraged each other and we are tough in facing challenges—that’s what made us the champion,” Angus Iong, captain of the winning team, said.                                                                                 

GEG sees its team members as valuable assets and supports them in achieving work-life balance by organizing various activities. GEG also supports and encourages team members to participate in various sporting competitions, including the Macau International Dragon Boat Races, the Gaming Employees Basketball Competition, the Macau Gaming Industry Laborers Association Table Tennis Tournament and the Macau Tug of War Open Competition. GEG will continue to organize various recreational and sporting activities to help promote the well-being of team members.