GEG Promotes Healthy Work-Life Balance among Team Members through Exercise and Relaxation Workshops

April 12, 2018 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) values its team members as one of its most important assets and is committed to promoting a healthy work-life balance through diversified staff-supporting activities. GEG recently hosted a series of relaxation activities–Let’s Exercise!, A Journey of Aroma and Relaxation, and Zentangle–to raise awareness of team members’ well-being. The activities attracted hundreds of GEG team members from various departments. 

GEG fully complies with the Macau SAR Government’s policy on the development of “Sports for All”. With four sessions of Let’s Exercise! stretching classes held in the back-of-house area, team members were encouraged to cultivate the habit of fitness practice. Several GEG executives participated in the activity, together with over a hundred team members from 20 different departments. GEG also invited a medical professional to give instruction on exercise safety and proper form. In addition to a relaxing workout, GEG team members learnt about the benefits of stretching exercises to reduce muscle discomfort and stress and stimulate blood circulation in order to minimize the risk of workplace injury.

Besides conveying the message of sports participation for good health, GEG engaged its team members in an all-round approach to promoting work-life balance with its A Journey of Aroma and Relaxation workshop series and a Zentangle workshop. A Journey of Aroma and Relaxation consists of an Aromatic Candle Workshop, a Perfume Balm Workshop and a Dried Flower with Aromatic Oil Workshop, which were taught by aromatherapy professionals from internationally-renowned spa brand Banyan Tree Spa & Gallery. They taught the basic theory of, making of, usage of and precautions for aromatic products. The Zentangle workshop was designed to help team members to relieve stress and calm the body and soul by focusing on drawing simple, tangled patterns. Ms. Vicky Wei from the Engineering Department, who took part in the Dried Flower with Aromatic Oil Workshop, said, “I am glad that GEG often organizes fun and healthy activities for us. With professional guidance at the workshop, I have a better understanding of the proper use of aromatic therapy and oil. It also inspired a new relaxation method for me.”

GEG considers team members’ physical and mental wellness as one of its top priorities and hosts diversified activities and workshops regularly, including the GEG Fitness Program and the GEG Health Roadshow. GEG has also established eight sports teams, covering dragon boat racing, basketball and soccer, and fully supports its team members’ participation in various recreational and sports events, including the Macau International Dragon Boat Races, the Gaming Employees Basketball Competition, the Macau Gaming Industry Laborers Association Table Tennis Tournament and the Macau Tug of War Open Competition, etc. GEG will continue in its endeavor to promote a healthy work-life balance and facilitate the physical and mental well-being of its team members.