GEG Supports the First “HUSH!! GEG Silent Disco” Held at Hac Sa Beach; Invites Members of the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind and Local Teenagers

April 30, 2018 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always strived to uphold its pledge of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community” and has continually supported local events and worked to host interesting activities for various social groups. GEG is supporting the iconic beach music festival HUSH!! Full Music again this year and is proud to be the exclusive title supporter of the newly introduced HUSH!! GEG Silent Disco. Seeing an opportunity to promote social inclusion, GEG invited members of the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind of Macau’s Holy House of Mercy and local teenagers to join the GEG Volunteer Team for the HUSH!! GEG Silent Disco yesterday. Over 50 people attended. 

The HUSH!! GEG Silent Disco, launching for the first time at the HUSH!! Full Music beach music festival, was held at Hac Sa Beach on the evenings of 29 and 30 April. Silent discos are a new dance party trend, in which the idea is to avoid causing a noise nuisance while bringing people together on the dance floor. Attendees dance to music played through personal headphones rather than speakers. Silent discos have become popular around the world. The GEG Volunteer Team, members of the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind of Macau’s Holy House of Mercy and local teenagers gathered at Hac Sa Beach on Sunday. To enrich the experience, the group first enjoyed a live performance of independent musicians at the Summer Chill stage, learning about developments in local music trends; then they visited the handicraft market and tried specialty food. When the silent disco started, Hac Sa Beach turned into a dazzling dance floor. Over 50 participants, donning their headphones, enjoyed a jubilant time of music and dancing. Experiencing the first silent disco to be held on the beach in Macau, the participants were thrilled to jam out to the music through the distributed headphones that channel directly from the DJ stage and they all applauded the idea behind the silent disco trend.

Mr. Eric Leong, Coordinator at the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind of Macau’s Holy House of Mercy, said, “I would like to express my gratitude to GEG for inviting our members to the music festival and also to the GEG Volunteer Team for their assistance. Our members had fun at the silent disco, especially when they have fewer opportunities to participate in local large-scale music events. Despite the difficulty of maneuvering on the dance floor due to their visual constraints, the rhythm of the music leaves them room for imagination and helps to build up their confidence to explore the possibilities of more bodily freedom.”

Ms. Carol Ma, one of the GEG volunteers, remarked, “I’m glad that our company shows continued support for local community activities, offering free entertainment for citizens from different walks of life. This activity not only allows participants to enjoy a unique party experience but also raises attention to social topics like caring for the underprivileged groups and environmental conservation of different aspects.”

GEG is dedicated to help building a diverse, equal and inclusive society. GEG has organized a wide variety of volunteering activities to promote social harmony, including hosting a tea gathering with Chinese Olympic gold medalists for Macau Deaf Association members, holding the Potted Plant Family Workshop with the members of the Fuhong Society of Macau, and organizing the Decoupage Easter Egg Workshop for the members of the Association of Parents of the Mentally Challenged of Macau. GEG will continue to work closely with local social service organizations, encouraging the public to care for the needy and fostering a sustainable and harmonious society.