GEG Donates MOP400,000 to Anima Macau to Support Animal Rescue and Protection Work

June 12, 2018 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) promotes the value of care and respect for animals and proactively supports animal rescue and protection work, as well as efforts to raise public awareness of animal welfare. GEG has been supporting Anima Macau’s animal welfare work since 2012; learning of the financial challenges to the association’s daily operations, GEG has donated MOP400,000 to support its ongoing animal rescue work. In addition to the donation, Mr. Philip Cheng, Director of GEG, led the GEG Volunteer Team in a visit to Anima Cat’s Paradise to highlight the importance of caring for abandoned pets humanely.

During the visit, Mr. Cheng presented a cheque for MOP400,000 to Mr. Albano Martins, President of Anima Macau, and learned about the current operations of the association. Anima Macau currently runs two animal shelters, with more than 600 abandoned and homeless dogs and cats. At the same time, the association helps to care for over 2,000 animals on various construction sites, as well as the dogs at the Coloane Municipal Kennel. These animal welfare efforts pose considerable strains on Anima Macau’s operational and manpower resources. Besides gaining an understanding of the challenges faced by Anima Macau, Mr. Cheng and the GEG volunteers visited the Anima Cat’s Paradise shelter to play with the cats and learn about the animals’ daily care. Anima Macau’s message is that all life is precious and deserves respect. “We are grateful for Anima Macau’s ongoing contribution to the local animal rescue and protection work. GEG supports the mission of animal protection, and engages its team members in spreading love to the Macau society. We hope our donation will support the association in continuing their meaningful work and providing a wide variety of rescue and protection services for the animals in Macau, with the aim of promoting the message of caring about animals to the community,” Mr. Cheng said.

Anima Macau is a non-profit association founded in 2003 and is dedicated to the promotion of animal welfare. GEG has been supporting the association with annual donations and team member visits for seven consecutive years in the hope of promoting public awareness of respect and care for animals, as well as building a society where humans and animals can live in harmony.