GEG Responsible Gaming Team Visits Social Service Centers in Macau and Hong Kong

July 04, 2018 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has long been a staunch advocate of responsible gaming and is intent on inculcating its guests and team members with this positive message for the sake of their physical and mental health. GEG’s Responsible Gaming Team embarked on a tour of several social service establishments in Macau and Hong Kong, becoming the first gaming operator group to visit Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau (“AJVM”) at its new service center in Seac Pai Van, as well as three rehabilitation centers under the Hong Kong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (“TWGHs”). The tour was designed to broaden the team members’ understanding of the latest treatment approaches to gambling disorder.

Led by AJVM Director Ms. Fion Lao, the group of about 20 team members was familiarized with the Responsible Gambling Information Kiosk and other facilities inside AJVM’s new service center. This center opened to the public in February with on-site counseling services to tackle gambling addiction. AJVM volunteers discussed the adverse effects of gambling disorder and introduced the team members to the center’s services for casino workers. Founded in 1993, AJVM aims to encourage young people to participate in volunteer work and serve the community through collaboration with various organizations. Since 2014, AJVM has been assisting GEG in promoting responsible gaming activities and volunteer programs for its team members, with approximately 6,300 GEG team members having taken part in these activities.

After the visit to AJVM’s center, the Responsible Gaming Team paid a visit to the TWGHs’ three rehabilitation centers in Hong Kong, namely the Even Centre, the Integrated Centre on Addiction Prevention and Treatment, and the Healthy Budgeting Family Debt Counseling Centre. The objective of the trip was for the team members to acquire an understanding of how these social service centers address individuals struggling with substance abuse, pathological gambling and financial problems. The Even Centre provides counseling and treatment services exclusively for people diagnosed with gambling disorder and their family members. Its Supervisor Ms. Daphne Yeung shared with the GEG representatives her insights into handling gambling disorder cases. GEG and TWGHs’ representatives exchanged views on the work undertaken by social service institutions in Hong Kong and Macau with respect to responsible gaming.

During their tour of the TWGHs’ other two centers, the GEG team members gained a firm grasp of their integrated multi-disciplinary services and customized counseling and treatment scheme targeting individuals with internet or drug addiction. This TWGHs tour was carried out in response to a visit by 25 TWGHs delegates to GEG properties last October. During that visit, the delegates expressed approval of GEG’s unwavering commitment to promoting responsible gaming and related initiatives.

In line with the Macau SAR Government’s responsible gaming policies, GEG has long encouraged its team members to engage in training and activities regarding responsible gaming, in the hope of ensuring a wholesome and positive working environment and a healthy lifestyle. GEG created a managerial position overseeing responsible gaming initiatives in 2008, rolling out a package of supporting measures such as a 24-hour consultation hotline, face-to-face and online counseling services and on-site consultation services. In 2011, GEG became the first gaming operator in Macau to assemble a team to undertake responsible gaming promotions. In addition, GEG co-organizes a Responsible Gaming Committee Training Program with a local university and a local social service provider while regularly organizing related talks and promotional activities.