GEG Work Improvement Program: Fostering a Culture of Enhancement

July 27, 2018 – Devoted to promoting the upward and horizontal mobility of local workers, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been encouraging its team members for many years to pursue self-advancement through continuous learning. This year, GEG rolled out the GEG Work Improvement Program, an innovative initiative based on internationally known corporate management theory and GEG’s own Work Improvement Model. With a view to collectively pursuing higher operational efficiency and better customer service, the program was designed to hone the management and problem-solving skills of GEG team members. The training prepares team members to identify inadequacies in operating procedures and address them with effective solutions and periodic reviews.

The first stage of the program began in November last year, with approximately 50 participants from International Premium & Mass Market Development (IPMMD) completing a series of workshops, meetings and training sessions conducted by professional coaches and consultants. The team members were divided into nine groups to implement their own problem-solving projects. The groups presented their projects to a group of GEG’s senior executives on Wednesday, sharing their efforts over the previous six months. Four teams received awards in recognition of their outstanding performance. Ms. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources and Administration; Mr. Raymond Yap, Senior Director of International Premium and Mass Market Development; Mr. Richard Longhurst, Director of Operations of Galaxy Macau™ and Director of Gaming Development and Optimization Services; and other GEG executives were in attendance to show their support and appreciation.

Before the program began, heads of IPMMD divisions nominated team members to undergo management training focused on the core principals of the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) circle, as well as the principles behind the GEG Work Improvement Model. During the course of the training program, participants were equipped with the skills necessary to overcome operational challenges by analyzing the problems they encounter at work and developing tools and methods based on the principles and theories they learned. The participants brought their new skills back into the workplace, inspiring colleagues to follow suit and cultivate a sustainable culture of work improvement.

All the program participants have given positive reviews, saying that they have found the program useful and that they think it has considerably improved their ability to tackle problems. Additionally, they expressed their hope that GEG will continue to provide similar staff training to enrich the knowledge of its team members. Ms. Sharon Ieong, Assistant Vice President of Casino Services of IPMMD, said, “Through this GEG Work Improvement Program, we have gained a skill set known as Lean Tools. It enables us to continue to make improvements in daily operations, while aiming for better business results in the areas of service, cost saving, team member engagement, work process and profitability. In the future, we will continue to strive to improve our service by further streamlining work procedures.” 

Considering the positive reception the program has received, GEG is extending the program to other departments in order to equip more team members with the necessary skills to boost operational efficiency. Over the years, GEG has proactively supported the talent development strategy of the Macau SAR Government and advocated lifelong learning by launching a variety of career development and training schemes, namely the GEG Leaders Program, the GEG Management Skills Program, the GEG Accelerated Development Program and the recently launched GEG-MPI Gaming Position Certification. GEG hopes these innovative initiatives will give a boost to its team members as they scale to new heights in their careers.