GEG Hosts Environmental, Health & Safety Education & Awareness Week to Promote a Safety and Green Culture

August 14, 2018 – Prioritizing the health and safety of its team members, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) proactively works to build a strong culture of occupational safety and promote environmental conservation at its properties. In conjunction with its other annual promotion activities, GEG recently hosted the first Environmental, Health & Safety Education & Awareness Week (“the EHS Week”) to enhance team members’ knowledge and awareness of occupational safety and environmental conservation while increasing their interest in related areas. The event included a host of activities, including the EHS Quiz Competition and various sharing sessions co-organized by GEG and various government departments and professional associations. Mr. Wong Chi Hong, Director of the Labour Affairs Bureau, expressed his support during his visit to the EHS exhibition. He praised GEG’s efforts in fostering a culture of occupational safety, adding that he believes GEG’s promotional efforts and effective occupational safety policies are beneficial for GEG’s sustainable development while setting a good example for the industry. 

The EHS Week kicked off in the back-of-house areas of Galaxy Macau™, with special guests in attendance including Director Wong and Ms. Tang Weng Kei, Acting Head of the Occupational Safety and Health Department of the Labour Affairs Bureau. Mr. Chan Chee Pong, Senior Vice President of Facilities Management of Galaxy Macau, said, “GEG recognizes that nurturing team members’ environmental, health and safety awareness is distinctly important for protecting the health and safety of our team members, the community and the environment. Therefore, we organize and participate in a variety of programs to ensure team members’ exposure to environmental, health and safety dynamics.”

The EHS Week was supported by the Labour Affairs Bureau, the Health Bureau, the Association of Macau Occupational Safety and Health Professionals, the Macau Less Plastic Lifestyle and the British Standards Institution. A variety of talks were hosted by these units to foster a culture of safety, educate team members on preventing infectious and blood-borne diseases and workplace injuries, and encourage reduced plastic usage in daily life. Nearly 400 team members participated in the talks. Additionally, an exhibition designed to further increase team members’ EHS knowledge was held in GEG’s back-of-house areas throughout the week.

The annual EHS Quiz Competition was also held during the EHS Week. A total of 12 teams from various departments participated in the preliminary round, and four teams reached the final stage of the competition. On stage, the four teams performed a stretching exercise that they had designed to prevent workplace fatigue, after which they competed in two rounds of quizzes. The team from the Housekeeping Department of Hotel Okura Macau won the competition, while the team from the Housekeeping and the Environmental Services Departments of Galaxy Macau won the first runner-up award and were named the Most Active Participating Departments, with the team from the F&B Department of Broadway Macau™ coming in as the second runner-up. The champion and the runners-up were awarded medals and Galaxy Macau F&B coupons.

GEG’s efforts in promoting EHS awareness have received wide recognition. Over the years, GEG has achieved encouraging results in the Catering Industry Occupational Safety and Health Program and the Guangdong, Hong Kong & Macau Safety Knowledge Competition organized by the Labour Affairs Bureau and the Macau Energy Saving Contest organized by Companhia de Electricidade de Macau and the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector. To further optimize GEG’s facilities and create a safe and comfortable working environment, GEG has also launched the Sustainability Awards to encourage team members to submit constructive energy or water conservation ideas so as to nurture cooperation in fulfilling GEG’s sustainable development goals.