GEG Organizes Galaxy Macau Family Tour 2018

August 30, 2018 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) recently organized the Galaxy Macau Family Tour 2018 (“Family Tour”) with the theme of “Welcome to Heart of House - Your Second Home.” By introducing Galaxy Macau’s back-of-house areas to team members’ families, GEG hopes to promote family harmony and deepen families’ understanding of team members’ work environment.

In July and August, GEG organized four tours, attracting team members from nearly 20 different departments together with their families for a total of more than 200 participants. The groups visited the Floral Shop, Wardrobe Department, staff canteens, staff clinic, and Team Member Services Center. During the visits, the guests were shown some of the self-service systems in the back-of-house areas, which were introduced with the aim of simplifying processes for staff. In the Wardrobe Department, some team members demonstrated how to retrieve their assigned uniforms by tapping their staff cards on the panel. The automated conveyor system identified the correct uniforms from the hundreds of garments in the system and rapidly delivered them to the team members. Moreover, family members also printed employee pay slips and shift rosters from the self-service kiosks. Although these systems are commonly used in the industry, family members who had not yet set foot in the back-of-house area of an integrated resort found them fascinating. The last stop of the tour was the staff canteen, where the participants were invited to enjoy refreshments. They spoke highly of the food, especially regarding the variety, taste and combination.

Ms. Cecilia Chu, Senior Manager of the Floral Shop, who gave the participants a tour of the Floral Shop, said, “I am excited to see colleagues bring their families to visit the Floral Shop. My families used to have some misunderstanding on my job. But after I explained to them what a florist does, they changed how they see floral design as a profession. That was when I realized how important communication is in a family. I hope our introductions allow team members from different departments to gain approval and better understanding from family.” Ms. Wong, from the Table Games Department, brought her two daughters to join the Family Tour. She said, “My job requires me to work different shifts, so I do not have much opportunity to communicate with my girls. This Family Tour has given them a better understanding of my work environment, and strengthened the family bonding.” To welcome the families of the team members, executives of GEG came to present each participant a gift set. 

The Family Tour was organized to deepen the understanding and improve communication between team members and their families. GEG is committed to promoting family harmony and has been advocating for healthy work-life balance through a variety of programs, including the CNY Soccer Fun Day and the Happy Kids – Positive Parenting road show, which offers team members guidance on effective communication with their children. Going forward, GEG will continue organizing new activities and continue enhancing its benefit policies for team members.