GEG and Gaming Industry Employees Home Cohost Responsible Gaming FUN Day

October 4, 2018 – Echoing the Macau SAR Government’s responsible gaming outreach, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and Gaming Industry Employees Home have co-organized the Responsible Gaming FUN Day. With more than 1,200 team members participating, this 11-day event offered a diverse range of activities that aimed at enhancing knowledge of responsible gaming. The event featured interactive games, display boards and consultation booths.

In encouraging its team members to participate in responsible gaming trainings, GEG hopes to promote a healthy attitude towards gaming activities, as well as equip team members to provide guidance to gamblers. The Responsible Gaming FUN Day offered roadshows in the back-of-house areas at Galaxy MacauTM, Broadway MacauTM, StarWorld Hotel and GEG’s three City Clubs. Game booths were set up to provide a relaxing atmosphere in which to promote a healthy mindset on gaming, while display boards and consultation booths offered assistance to any team members who might need it.

Ms. Bowie Lei, Cage Manager of Galaxy Macau, said, “GEG provides team members with ample responsible gaming-related information and also organizes team member workshops. I think that this helps team members develop a strong grasp of principles of responsible gaming. In addition to these activities, the company also provides consultation services open to all team members.” Mr. Lou Io Wa, Secretary General of Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home, said that the event was well-received and that he hopes to organize more activities of this kind to provide support for more people.

GEG has long been offering team members training activities related to responsible gaming. The Responsible Gaming Committee Training Scheme, which was jointly organized by GEG, higher education institutions and social service groups, has brought in several professionals to host seminars and other educational activities. Mr. Buddy Lam, Senior Vice President of Public Relations of GEG, said, "GEG understands that the fostering of responsible gaming behaviors is an ongoing responsibility; therefore, personnel have been assigned for the purpose since 2008. GEG also maintains a team member assistance hotline, as well as on-site and online consultation services. In 2011, GEG became the first gaming operator in Macau to form a team dedicated to promoting responsible gaming. As the promotion of responsible gaming is one of GEG’s most important corporate social responsibilities, moving forward, the company will continue to work with the Macau SAR Government and local social service groups to promote responsible gaming and provide team members with support."