GEG Promotes Community Inclusion with Three October Activities

October 25, 2018 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and its volunteers are committed to spreading love and care to different groups in the community through a diverse range of activities. In early October, GEG participated in three exciting community-building activities. At its title-sponsored outdoor show GEG Presents: Gudetama in Macau, GEG hosted a charitable session for students from the Macau Down Syndrome Association. GEG sponsored and participated in the Care in the Community Activity, which was co-organized by the Peng On Tong Center and the Mong Ha Community Center of the General Union of Neighbors' Association of Macao (“UGAMM”). Finally, GEG invited elderly residents of Federação das Associações dos Operarios de Macau to attend the Timeless Century Concert at Broadway Theatre.

From October 6 to November 4, a 10-meter high inflatable Gudetama will be greeting passersby at the outdoor Anim’Arte Nam Van zone. Free for the public, GEG Presents: Gudetama in Macau has become a social media hit thanks to the droves of photo-snapping residents and tourists who have visited so far. Promoting Macau’s status as a Creative City of Gastronomy and a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure, the organizer designed a wide range of souvenirs, life-size 3D characters and game booths that features Macau’s food, culture and iconic architectures. To share this cuteness overdose with more people in the community, GEG invited 30 members of the Macau Down Syndrome Association, along with their families, to enjoy first access to the Gudetama exhibit. Together with a group of GEG volunteers, participants were the first to enjoy the themed game booths, Gudetama-style egg tarts and other delicacies, all for free.

Ms. Sou Pou Man, Vice-Director of the Executive Board of the Macau Down Syndrome Association, said, “The students are excited about this first-access charitable session because it allows them to meet the cartoon character in person. Moreover, the session has created a space where students can play games with the passersby, which facilitates the development of community inclusion.” Mr. Buddy Lam, Senior Vice President of Public Relations of GEG, said, “GEG enjoys close relationships with various local community groups. It is our goal to spread love and care across the community and create opportunities for team members to contribute to society through collaborations with these groups.”

GEG’s other two October community activities were focused on reaching out to Macau’s elderly residents. GEG sponsored the Care in the Community Activity, co-organized by the Peng On Tong Center and UGAMM’s Mong Ha Community Center. On the day of this event, GEG volunteers visited the households of Peng On Tong service users to deliver typhoon preparedness kits and safety tips. That evening, GEG invited residents of Federação das Associações dos Operarios de Macau to enjoy the Timeless Century Concert at Broadway Theatre. The five singers – Jackson Wan Kwong, Rosanne Lui, Suzan Guterres, Cheung Wai Man and Joe Junior – brought the audience “Back to the Golden Time” with their performance of classic Cantonese and English hits.

Moving forward, GEG and its volunteer team will continue working to build an inclusive community in Macau by organizing even more community activities and supporting the work of community groups.