GEG Staff Social Club and Families Visit Macau Garrison

December 4, 2018 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is committed to organizing a broad range of activities for its team members. To deepen team members’ understanding of the national defense force, Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG, led Staff Social Club members and their families of a total of nearly 300 people to visit the People’s Liberation Army (“PLA”) Macau Garrison. The group was received by Mr. Zhou Wu Gang, Political Commissar of the PLA Macau Garrison;  Mr. Gao Zhi Jun, Deputy Chief of Staff of the PLA Macau Garrison; and Mr. Peng Wei, Dean of the General Office of the PLA Macau Garrison.

During the visit, the group watched the documentaries “A Stronger Nation with a Strong Military” (《強國夢與強軍夢》) and “Recovering from Typhoon Hato” (《戰“天鴿”》). Team members were then invited to visit the Military Museum at the Garrison, which was opened in 2014. Guided by PLA representatives, team members visited the exhibitions on PLA history generally, PLA history in Macau and military paintings, and toured the multifunction hall and auditorium. Through pictures, relics, models, simulations, video recordings and audio presentations, team members were shown the history of the PLA during the New Democratic Revolution and the development and achievements of the PLA since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, as well as the development of the Macau Garrison over the last 19 years. The visitors also had an opportunity to use a shooting simulator and to take photos with armored vehicles, concluding the event on a high note.

Mr. Lui said, “Since Macau’s return to China, the Macau Garrison has been securing the city’s prosperity and stability and the residents' livelihood, as well as striving to build a close tie with the local community. Over the years, the Macau Garrison has organized multiple open-to-the-public days, which have all been well-received. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Macau Garrison for arranging this visit for 300 of GEG’s team members. The visit will deepen their understanding of the PLA in Macau, as well as of national development. I am pleased that families can join the team members on the visit, which helps maintain a healthy work-life balance, as well as keeps them abreast of developments nationally and locally.”

GEG works to inspire patriotism in Macau through a diverse range of activities. Since 2009, GEG has title-sponsored the GEG Macau Cup – Youth National Education Competition and the educational trip for winning students. The competition has attracted more than 70,000 participants. Besides this, GEG has also organized the Greater Bay Area seminar series and the National Education Q&A Competition for team members, as well as incorporated elements of national education in its annual Youth Achievement Program. Moreover, GEG volunteers have brought a group of 100 local students to pay a visit to the Macau Garrison. Moving forward, GEG will host more activities to broaden the horizons of its 20,000 team members and boost their national identity.