GEG’s Manchu Han Imperial Feast Raises Funds for Macau Autism Association

December 6, 2018 – Committed to supporting the Macau SAR Government in cultivating the city’s identity as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) has endeavored to raise awareness of traditional Chinese cuisine through a wide array of initiatives during the 2018 Macao Year of Gastronomy. Late last week, GEG hosted a charity dinner based on the famed and elaborate Manchu Han Imperial Feast. The event was held at Fook Lam Moon at Galaxy Macau™ and featured unique Manchu and Han Chinese dishes from the Qing dynasty, which were presented in a new light. Its objective was to promote historic Chinese food culture and to raise funds for the Macau Autism Association (MAA).

With the support of the Macau Cuisine Association (MCA) and the Kwan Sang Catering Professional Employees Association (KSCPEA) in Hong Kong, the charity dinner was prepared by GEG’s F&B Operations & Culinary team members along with over 30 celebrated chefs from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. The chefs focused on a number of primary courses from the original Manchu Han Imperial Feast, recreating them in a traditional yet innovate way. The chefs included Mr. Wan Tat Kong, known as “Master Wan”; Mr. Jacky Lam, MCA Chairman; Mr. Hui Mei Tak, KSCPEA Secretary General; and Mr. Simon Tho, Assistant Vice President, Asian Culinary of Galaxy Macau; with Mr. Qi jinzhu, an illustrious chef who specializes in the Manchu Han Imperial Feast, as consultant. The seasoned chefs dedicated themselves to months-long preparations, working closely together to present their own interpretation of the Feast. The occasion also served as a platform for the Chinese culinary community to exchange insights on reviving traditional Chinese cuisine. 

To share the special event with the community, GEG held the GEG & MAA Family Cooking Class at Oasis at Galaxy Macau for selected MAA members in the hope of encouraging them to develop their culinary potential and deepen their understanding of cooking. The MAA group also received a donation of over MOP 230,000, raised through the charitable feast. During the cooking class, Chefs Tho and Lam showed the participants around Oasis’ open kitchen and amazed them with a demonstration of different cooking methods. The participants were also given the opportunity to experience the pleasure of cooking, alongside their families and the GEG chefs, before sitting together to taste their work happily.

Mr. Buddy Lam, Senior Vice President of Public Relations of GEG, said, “GEG is thrilled to bring MAA members together to work with these renowned chefs and learn about the culinary arts through this unique and momentous event.” Ms. Nicole Chan, Director General of MAA, said, “I thank GEG for hosting this interesting event, a truly educational and inspiring experience that has brought the participants and their families closer to each other.” Many of the parents who took part in the cooking class with their children also expressed appreciation, saying their children had learnt much from the delightful interaction with the chefs.

With a view to promoting Macau’s distinctive East-meets-West gastronomic culture and traditional delicacies, GEG held another special event – the Local Culture & Food Festival at Broadway Food Street – earlier this year. Supported by the government and well received by many industry groups, the event served as a platform for local small and medium-sized enterprises to explore and expand their business opportunities. In addition, from this autumn until early next year, Broadway Food Street offers a wide range of delicious hot pot and clay pot dishes in a bid to promote unique local cuisine. GEG pledges to continue supporting Macau’s vibrant food scene under the city’s designation of “UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy”.