GEG Volunteers Introduced to Peng On Tung’s New Service

March20, 2019 – Committed to enhancing the well-being of local communities, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) spares no effort to support the development of non-profit organizations in Macau. In response to the introduction of Peng On Tung’s new service for the elderly late last year, GEG hosted an orientation talk for its volunteer team in the back-of-house area of Galaxy Macau™ last week. The objective of the talk was to deepen the volunteers’ understanding of the new Outdoor-assistance Service so that they can provide effective support to the service users.

Over 30 GEG volunteers from different departments attended the talk, which touched upon the scope and features of the fresh service, with new equipment and technology on display. A few weeks after Peng On Tung unveiled the new initiative last year, GEG became the first integrated resort operator to support this new service by committing itself to sponsoring 300 service users for three years. Peng On Tung promoter Chan Kin Wa said that the new service would provide users with greater protection outdoors, helping them engage in community activities and fully participate in society. He thanked GEG for its contributions to Peng On Tung over the years, which, through direct and indirect effects, benefit a wide portion of the community. 

Mr. Buddy Lam, Senior Vice President of Public Relations of GEG said, “Since Peng On Tung’s 2009 launch, GEG volunteers have visited a large number of their service users across the city. During the visit, we came to understand the importance of the service by talking to the users and checking their home tele-assistance service devices. The talk also gave us more knowledge of the program, allowing us to better coordinate volunteer work in the future.”

For many years, GEG has done its utmost to live up to its philosophy of “What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community” by organizing a variety of activities to promote harmony and inclusiveness in local communities. Since 2010, GEG has undertaken a wide array of initiatives to support Peng On Tung’s work and services. In addition, GEG has supported the Peng On Tung Center’s Care in the Community Activity for three consecutive years since 2016, helping to establish a better community care network.