GEG holds Interactive Protocol Workshop for Team Members

March28, 2019 – Dedicated to fostering team members’ careers and personal development, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) offers a variety of platforms to broaden employees’ professional horizons and knowledge. Following last month’s announcement of the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, GEG held the GEG International Protocol and Affairs Workshop earlier this week at the JW Marriott Hotel Macau. Former Protocol, Public Relations and External Affairs Office Director Mr. Fung Sio Weng was the workshop instructor. The event was part of GEG’s ongoing efforts to help grow the city’s MICE industry and related service standards. Upwards of 70 GEG team members working in relevant fields attended the workshop, which explored the features and fundamentals of protocol from Chinese and Western perspectives, as well as their diplomatic significance at governmental and national levels. It also touched upon international etiquette, Chinese foreign affairs and the Greater Bay Area. Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG, presented Mr. Fung with a thank-you gift in appreciation for his enlightening workshop.

During the workshop, Mr. Fung introduced participants to professional knowledge and useful skills involved in Chinese and Western protocol and illustrated the structures of Chinese leadership and principal government organs in the Greater Bay Area, as well as their vital functions. Through case studies, Weng shared his experiences of hosting official banquets and addressing Macau’s external affairs when he was in public service. After the presentation, the GEG team members engaged in a fun interactive game to review the case studies in groups, enthusiastically exchanging insights with one another under Mr. Fung’s expert guidance. In addition, Mr. Fung displayed part of his valuable memorabilia at the workshop, leading to participants swarming around him for a glance.

During the process of interaction, Hospitality VIP Services Executive Manager Rocky Huang, VIP Services Manager Raven Kou and Hospitality & Leisure Sales Executive Manager Jethro Pun, demonstrated outstanding performance and were given Outstanding GEG Team Member awards, presented by Mr. Fung and GEG senior executives respectively. Many of the participants praised the multi-faceted workshop, saying that it was current, relevant and offered an abundance of practical advice and techniques for exceling in the field. They also added that it not only deepened participants’ professional knowledge, but also inspired them to set their sights on the Greater Bay Area and to keep abreast of its future developments in the MICE industry. They were also motivated to pursue higher service standards in line with GEG’s ‘Asian Heart’ service philosophy in order to embrace the fresh wave of opportunities associated with the Greater Bay Area.

GEG strives to provide maximum support for its team members as they pursue professional growth, offering various initiatives aimed at promoting lifelong learning and upward and horizontal mobility in line with the Macau SAR Government’s talent development polices. The initiatives include the GEG Work Improvement Program, the GEG Management Skills Program, the GEG Accelerated Development Program and the GEG Leaders Program. Aside from professional development, GEG also considers its team members’ health and wellbeing to be a priority and thus proactively rolls out various activities promoting work-life balance and family harmony.