GEG Awarded Gold and Silver Prizes at the Green Hotel Awards

June 14, 2019 – Committed to supporting the Macau SAR Government’s initiative to lowering carbon emissions, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) has been running a range of energy saving measures to contribute to the effort. GEG’s flagship properties received two awards at the 2018 Macau Green Hotel Awards – Hotel Okura Macau won a Gold Award while Broadway Hotel received a Silver Award. Organized by the Environmental Protection Bureau and co-organized by the Macau Government Tourism Office, the 2018 Macau Green Hotel Awards Ceremony was held today at CEM. Mr. Niek Hammer, General Manager of Hotel Okura Macau, and Mr. Sam Yip, Assistant Vice President – Engineering & Facilities, Broadway Macau™, received the awards on behalf of their respective properties.  In addition to enhancing the energy efficiency of its properties, GEG also contributes to enhancing awareness of environmental protection through organizing various activities.

Hotel Okura has created an eco-conscious operating system that allows executives, staff members, guests, suppliers and contractors to shoulder their responsibilities in relation to environmental protection. In this regard, the Green Program was launched to ensure that the hotel’s daily operations comply with environmental regulations, as well as to incorporate other eco-friendly measures, such as water-saving nozzles and soap dispensers in guest rooms, e-marketing as an alternative to printed advertising, and various recycling facilities. Meanwhile, a variety of energy conservation measures have been introduced at Broadway Hotel, which include replacing the sand filters in the swimming pool’s filtration system with Active Filter Media, installing high-efficiency lighting hardware, adopting a smart lighting and air conditioning system, and optimizing the central air conditioning system. With these systems implemented, a significant cut in energy consumption has been achieved, with an accumulated savings of 1 million kWh recorded.

GEG has also been collaborating with local organizations and community service providers to promote eco-consciousness. A group of local high school students recently toured the environmental protection facilities at GEG’s flagship properties, such as the recycling bins, machinery for turning food waste into fertilizer, food waste processing machine that mitigates the waste’s environmental impact during transportation and after disposal in the landfill by compressing its volume by 90%, and energy-efficient smart lighting system and central air conditioning system. GEG hopes the visit demonstrated the application of eco-friendly operations at an integrated resort while heightening the importance of environmental sustainability amongst students, and encouraging them to participate in green initiatives.

Over the years, GEG’s award-winning and accredited flagship properties have been supporting environmental sustainability by putting ideas to practice. For instance, GEG has been operating electric buses since last year and introducing water dispensers at Broadway Macau’s Food Street to cut down on disposable bottle consumption. Moving forward, GEG will continue to operate in an energy efficient manner at its flagship properties and continue to promote environmental protection in the community.