GEG Proactively Promotes Responsible Gaming to Team Members

Macau, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, (June 25, 2019) – With the establishment of its Responsible Gaming Team in 2011, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) has long been an advocate of responsible gaming. The company has been actively promoted the importance of responsible gaming for team members via regular training and themed events that offers interactive and interesting platforms to engage our team members on responsible gaming. The theme for GEG’s 2019 responsible gaming events is “Learn More About Exclusion Measures”.  Amongst various activities, together with the Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home, GEG’s Responsible Gaming Team organized Responsible Gaming Fun Day Roadshows in the heart of house, a visit to the Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home’s offices, where team members learned about gambling addiction from representatives of the association.

GEG Responsible Gaming Team has been driving the implementation of Macau SAR Government responsible gaming policies. The Team’s mission is to engage GEG employees on responsible gaming to ensure a wholesome and positive work environment and encourage team members to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This year’s Responsible Gaming Fun Day Roadshows featured interactive games and display boards as well as consultation booths to provide immediate assistance to any team member in need. A total of six roadshows were conducted across GEG’s properties, with 1,200 team members participating in various games and reading information display during their break time. Additionally, 20 team members learn about gambling disorder through a board game developed by the Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home.  Through the interactive games on gambling disorder, team members learned about the latest treatment available for the disorder. Ms. Mui Wong, from the Security Department of StarWorld, said, “This game reminded me that anyone who participates in gambling activity or speculation could become liable for financial obligations from those activities.”

As an association devoted to promoting responsible gaming, family harmony and professional development, the Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home has been a key partner working together with GEG on responsible gaming since 2017. The secretary-general of the Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home, Mr. Lou Io Wa, said, “Cooperating with GEG throughout a variety of activities over the past year has enriched our association in terms of promotion method and service standard.”

In addition, GEG Responsible Gaming Team visited the new site of the Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home and were warmly received by Secretary-General Lou. During the visit, the representatives of the association introduced various services and activities available to gaming employees. Both parties shared their opinions and experiences, enhancing their effectiveness in promoting responsible gaming.