GEG and Judiciary Police Hold Crime Prevention Workshop

July 5, 2019 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) and the Macau Judiciary Police jointly held a crime prevention workshop, where information about common crimes and prevention measures were presented and discussed. Through case studies and experience sharing, GEG encouraged team members to join hands with the police to fight crime and contribute to safeguarding social order in Macau. Mr. Chan Chon In, Gaming-related Crimes Division Head, and Mr. Leong Kin Wai, of the Gaming-related Crimes Patrol Section, attended the workshop.

Over 40 frontline team members from Hotel Operations, Security, Surveillance, Investigation, Table Games, Cage, Sales and VIP Departments participated in the workshop. Hosted by Gaming-related Crimes Division personnel, the workshop introduced the responsibilities and institutional structure of the Judiciary Police as well as shared typical cases seen in Macau and related laws and regulations. Knowledge gained by team members enables them to support the curbing of illegal activities such as gaming-related crimes, banknote counterfeiting, pseudo base station (PBS) fraud and money laundering. Team members and police officers also analyzed crime deterrence measures. It is hoped that the workshop has reinforced team members’ capabilities in identifying, preventing, and reporting criminal activities.

GEG is committed to assisting the Macau SAR Government in maintaining social order. In September, Mr. Kou Keng Lun, from GEG’s Security Department, will be presented with the Enthusiastic Citizen Award by the Macao Customs Service for reporting a criminal ring that engaged in selling counterfeit watches on GEG premises earlier this year. The award presentation ceremony will be held during the promotional activity for the third anniversary of the establishment of the Community Communication Mechanism for Combating Counterfeit Products, where citizens will be awarded for their cooperation with the police in fighting crime.

To support the Macau SAR Government’s positioning of the city as a World Center of Tourism and Leisure and to preserve the city’s social order, GEG will continue to organize activities with the Judiciary Police to strengthen team members’ alertness towards potential illegal activities and to facilitate cooperation between residents and the police in combating crime.