GEG Holds 11th Annual Blood Drive

July 15, 2019 – Committed to its corporate social responsibility, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) collaborated with the Macao Blood Transfusion Services of the Health Bureau of Macau SAR Government on hosting its 11th annual blood donation event at GEG’s various properties. By making blood donation convenient for its team members, GEG took on the mission to encourage team members to fulfill their civic responsibility and infuse the city with a friendly and helpful spirit.

The 2019 GEG Blood Donation Day took place at Galaxy Macau™ Oasis and StarWorld Hotel Grand Ballroom on July 10 and July 11 respectively. Being attentive to the needs of its team members, GEG carefully arranged the venue so that team members were able to donate blood in a relaxed and comfortable environment whilst receiving the replenishment they need to recover their energies. During the event, Ms. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources and Administration, and other senior executives visited the blood donors and expressed their support and heartfelt appreciation for team members’ selfless contribution for the community.

Mr. Luis Fong, who works in the Resort Marketing Services Department, said, “I have always wanted to donate blood but I never had the time to do it.  Thanks to GEG’s blood donation event, I finally got the opportunity to put my wish into action. The company’s careful arrangement really helps to reduce our waiting time.  All we had to do was to show up at the assigned time slot.” To express its gratitude towards the donors, GEG presented donors with a polaroid photograph that captured their blood donation moment, as well as a coaster handcrafted by members of the Fuhong Society of Macau (Fuhong). GEG has been purchasing its blood donation event souvenirs from Fuhong for nine consecutive years as a way of showing the company’s support for the local cultural and creative industry.

An accumulated 1,600 team members have participated in GEG’s blood donation events over the past 11 years. To recognize these efforts, the Health Bureau has awarded GEG with various certificates, including Team Recognition for Top Number of Blood Donors – Champion, the Organization with Most Rh-Negative Blood Donation Award, Team Recognition for Blood Donation Motivation, and Outstanding Blood Donation Motivation. To live up to its pledge of “Making a Difference by Making a Commitment”, GEG will continue to mobilize its resources and its team members to disseminate and promote a culture of blood donation, as well as help to create a better and friendlier city.