GEG Team Members Visit Exhibition on Chairman Mao’s Accomplishments

September 4, 2019 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) has been organizing a range of activities over the years to enrich and broaden its team members’ understanding of national development. This morning, over 20 GEG team members toured an exhibition at the Handover Gifts Museum of Macao to deepen their understanding of Chairman Mao Zedong’s extraordinary life and achievements. The exhibition is a collaboration between local and Mainland authorities to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Macau Special Administrative Region.

The precious collection of photographs and relics on display offered the GEG team a window into Chairman Mao’s charismatic leadership at different stages of his life, his seminal contributions to the development of modern China, and Mao’s inspiration for future generations. GEG team members described the exhibition as enlightening and well-rounded, saying that it had reinforced their national pride by enabling them to delve deeper into the Mainland’s modern history.

GEG has been endeavouring to expand its team members’ knowledge of the development of the Chinese Mainland and Macau on different fronts through a variety of platforms. Earlier this year, a number of GEG team members visited the National Security Education Exhibition on National Security Education Day to learn about the country’s national security mechanisms. A series of themed seminars featuring prominent scholars and experts have also been organized to provide GEG staff with strategic insights into Macau’s further integration into the country, with more scheduled for the second half of the year, exploring a wider selection of topics. In addition, members of the GEG Volunteer Team recently participated in a service trip to Guizhou Province where they helped provide support for social service users affected by mental disability and their families.