GEG Organizes Team Members Visit Chinese Historical Documentary Exhibition

October 10, 2019 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) has been organizing a range of activities to enrich its team members’ understanding of national development. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Macao SAR, GEG organized a visit for team members to the Chinese Historical Documentary Exhibition at the Handover Gift Museum of Macao. Co-organized by the Macau Chamber of Commerce, the Associação de Amizade de Membros da Conferência Consultiva Política do Povo Chinês na Instância de Província de Macau, and the National Library of China, the exhibition highlighted various development stages of the country and the achievements of Macau since its return to the motherland.

Team members enjoyed viewing over 100 photographs and documents, and various collection items from the archive of the National Library of China. GEG team members described the exhibition as valuable and reflected that they treasured the opportunity to learn more about the nation, especially in the thematic area "Shengshi Lotus", which has a replica in Macao which became a famous landmark and tourist attraction.

In addition to this exhibition, as part of the company’s wider effort to deepen team members’ understanding of the nation, GEG arranged a visit to an exhibition on Chairman Mao Zedong’s extraordinary life and achievements, and the National Security Education Exhibition to learn about the country’s national security mechanisms.