GEG Wins “Gold Award” in the Business Awards of Macau 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Category

November 22, 2019 – By embedding its philosophy of “What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has spread love to various local communities through its corporate social responsibility initiatives to benefit all levels of society. At the Business Awards of Macau 2019 held on Thursday, GEG received the Gold Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility Award category, which recognised GEG’s contribution to the Macau community.

The panel of judges for the Business Awards of Macau was comprised of 30 well-known entrepreneurs, bankers, academics and professionals, both local and international. The Corporate Social Responsibility Awards acknowledge companies that have made a significant contribution to the community and to the welfare of their workers. The award celebrates businesses that have conscientiously implemented and enhanced these practices in their companies.

GEG always uploads the philosophy of “make a difference by making a commitment”. Therefore, throughout the years, GEG has utilized its resources to support the policies of the Macau SAR Government, as well as the social programs provided by the local community. GEG contributes enthusiastically to charitable initiatives, volunteer work, responsible gaming promotion, talent nurturing, environmental protection, support for small and medium-sized businesses, and support for cultural and national education. It’s an honor for GEG to receive this award, as it shows appreciation to every team member and the GEG Volunteer Team for their contribution and support.

GEG has organized and participated over 200 community activities in 2019, and has worked with over 120 charity organisations and non-profit groups in Macau, Hong Kong and China for many years. In 2015, GEG announced an HK$1.3 billion endowment for the establishment of the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation to provide financial assistance to local charities in the Greater China Region. GEG pledges to continue to roll out diverse charitable programs that meet social needs and contribute to the sustainable future of Macau.