GEG Hosts Aerial Drone Light Show Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Macau SAR and 2019 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon

November 29, 2019 – Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Establishment of the Macau SAR and gearing up for the “Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao SAR – 2019 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon”, which will take place on December 1, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) staged the Drone Light Show at the Grand Resort Deck at Galaxy Macau™ tonight. The spectacular and dazzling display of 300 aerial drones synchronized with laser, lighting and sound effects lit up the night sky with a series of unique graphics celebrating the city’s handover and the growth of Macau’s sports sector.

Accompanied by music, the drones’ colorful lights spelled out “GEG Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Handover” in the sky above the Grand Resort Deck, which boasts the world’s largest Skytop Wave Pool. The drones then arranged themselves into images of a runner, in a series beginning with the start-line set posture and continuing through the finish-line crossing, honoring the perseverance and sportsmanship that marathon runners exemplify. These graphics kicked off the “2019 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon” by symbolizing the healthy activities Macau residents have engaged in for the betterment of the community since 1999. The drones also formed the shapes of a golden lotus, shining diamonds and the GEG logo, through which GEG expressed its wishes for Macau’s ongoing prosperity.

GEG also invited representatives from the participating schools of the “GEG Presents: Popular Science Activities in Schools on Chinese Drones” to watch the show. Attaching great importance to the philosophy of “Education engenders a strong country”, GEG title-sponsored the science education school activities, which covered information on the outdoor flying paths of drones, so that students could enhance their knowledge of developments in the nation’s technology sector. This helps expedite education on national defense and popular science, broadening the view of Macau’s youngsters and augmenting their knowledge of technology and innovations.

GEG is committed to the philosophy of “What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community” and is actively engaged in the work of corporate social responsibility. GEG has organized and supported various types of celebration events to help elevate the festive atmosphere of the community in this year of "double anniversaries”, allowing people from all walks of life in society to be engaged in the jubilation of the 20th anniversary of Macau’s handover. In addition to other new programs for enriching the Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon experience, the Group will also present the “GEG Celebrates MSAR 20th Anniversary with You” campaign for Macau residents between December 1 and 20. This campaign invites local residents to enjoy an array of privileges, discounts, and prestigious rewards available across GEG’s properties. Through this series of activities, GEG hopes to elevate the vibrant marathon atmosphere citywide, bringing the community together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Establishment of the Macau SAR.