GEG Announces 2019 Discretionary Bonus to Acknowledge Team Members’ Valuable Contribution

January 3, 2020 – In recognition of team members’ hard work and contribution, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) announced that a 2019 Discretionary Bonus equivalent to one month of salary will be awarded to the eligible team members at Senior Manager and below.

The 2019 Discretionary Bonus, equivalent to one month of base salary and guaranteed tips (if applicable), will be made payable to eligible team members on January 23, 2020. Eligible team members who joined GEG between January 2 and October 3, 2019 will receive the discretionary bonus on a pro-rata basis.

Despite of different challenges that impacted the Macau market, GEG has delivered an overall satisfactory results in 2019. GEG would like to take this opportunity to thank each of the team members for their valuable efforts throughout the year. Expecting that the market will remain challenging and competitive in 2020, GEG looks forward to team members’ continued dedication in upholding the “Asian Heart” service philosophy to provide our guests with exceptional services, and their full collaboration to support the Cotai Phases 3 and 4 projects that will set GEG firmly for continued success in the years to come.