GEG Volunteers Bring CNY Blessings to Elderly Users of Peng On Tung

January 14, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) organizes an array of events to enhance community engagement and spread love and care in society. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, GEG has arranged for its volunteer team to visit 40 elderly users of Peng On Tung Tele-Assistance Service, delivering festive gift packs and spreading warm blessings. Because the city has entered the winter influenza season, with the occurrence of a novel coronavirus strain of pneumonia in the mainland Chinese city of Wuhan, the GEG gift packs also included surgical masks, an electronic thermometer and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to help the elderly and their family members stay vigilant against infectious diseases.

The Volunteer Team first visited the Tele-Assistance Service Center of Peng On Tung, where nurses from an elderly service center under the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau talked about preventive measures against infectious disease and the importance of personal hygiene, as well as the correct usage of the surgical masks, thermometers and hand sanitizer. Afterwards, the volunteers visited various elderly households with the festive gift packs, which consisted of GEG’s Chinese New Year glutinous rice cake, rice, cooking oil, noodles, biscuits and the personal health items. The volunteers also inquired into the users’ daily lives, underscored the importance of personal hygiene, and went over the correct usage of the masks and other preventive care items in the gift pack.

Ms. Olivia Chan, a member of the GEG Volunteer Team and a Senior Manager of Finance of GEG, said, “While we spread warm blessings and festive spirit to the elderly through this visit, I find it very meaningful that we also enhanced their knowledge about infectious diseases and the relevant preventive measures so that they could pay more attention to their physical health.”

Over the past nine years, GEG has organized regular visits to the service users of Peng On Tung. In addition, GEG has also actively supported the work of Peng On Tung, subsidizing individuals with financial difficulties to use the standard Peng On Tung service. In 2018, GEG also pledged to subsidize 300 individuals with financial difficulties to use the Peng On Tung Outdoor-Assistance Service for a period of three years. Looking ahead, GEG will continuously and actively encourage its team members to participate in volunteer activities, spreading the spirit of love and care to the community.