The “Healthy and Fun Carnival” by GEG and the Macao Chamber of Commerce Kicks-Off; Six Fun-filled Weekends in Support of Local SMEs

May 16, 2020 – Co-organized by Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and the Macao Chamber of Commerce (“MCC”), the “Healthy and Fun Carnival” (“the Carnival”) was unveiled on May 16 at the official opening ceremony held at Broadway Macau™. Located at the 1/F and M/F of Broadway Macau, the Carnival will be opened from 12:00-19:00 on every Saturday and Sunday from now until June 21, 2020. A total of 70 booths will be provided on site for more than 100 different local small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) to participate in the Carnival free of charge. With aims to boost domestic consumption, help SMEs ride through the pandemic and assist Macau with its steady economic recovery, a series of disease prevention measures will also be implemented to guarantee a safe and comfortable Carnival environment for all.

Held this morning at 1/F Broadway Macau, the opening ceremony was officiated by Mr. Paulo Martins Chan, Director of The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau; Ms. Chan Tze Wai, Deputy Director of the Macao Economic Bureau; Mr. Philip Cheng, Director of GEG; Mr. U Kin Cho, Vice-President of MCC; and Mr. Lo Tak Chong, President of the Macau International Grand Events Promotion Association. During his speech, Mr. Philip Cheng, said “Upholding our corporate philosophy of ‘what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community’, GEG believes in using the “Large Businesses Leading Small Businesses” model to cooperate with, support, nurture and guide the development of local SMEs. We are delighted to have the community and local SMEs’ enthusiastic support for this Carnival. Although a number of disease prevention measures will be initiated onsite, our GEG Procurement Team will be around to meet and explore future development opportunities with the on-site exhibitors and local SMEs.” Mr. U Kin Cho said, “Since the coronavirus has been slightly alleviated and because the GOV’T E-Vouchers were received in May, GEG and MCC came together to create this carnival in hopes of stimulating society and the economy so that things can get back on track, with residents being able to enjoy leisure consumption in a relaxed and entertaining environment and SMEs being able to enjoy increased revenues.”

The Carnival is divided into three zones to provide attendees with a good place to visit on weekends: the retail zone, gourmet zone, and game area. A variety of daily necessities, cultural and creative products, natural food, dry goods and snacks can be found. While adults visit the booths and explore the different discounts, children can spend time at the games booths that we have arranged onsite for the purpose of creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all. In answer to the Macau SAR Government’s consumer subsidy scheme, the Government E-Vouchers can be used at the Carnival.

GEG hopes to encourage residents to spend again in the community after the Carnival. Thus, all attendees will be given a flyer containing discount vouchers of the local Macau merchants, which they can use again upon visiting the merchant’s physical shops and stores. In doing so, it is hoped to create more sustainable business opportunities for the merchants. In addition, attendees who spend MOP400 of above at the Carnival can participate in the on-site lucky draws where they will have the opportunity to win cash coupons for use at merchants’ physical stores or other small gifts and prizes. All lucky draw entries will receive prizes.

To create a safe, sanitized and worry-free Carnival for exhibitors and participants, the organizers will continue to implement a series of disease prevention measures, including: requiring all staff and visitors to wear a face mask, present a valid Macau Health Declaration and have their temperatures checked; require all venue entrances, exits and exhibition booths to be equipped with disinfectant and hand sanitizers; and to enhance the comfort level of consumers, request all attendees to register via the online registration system while a headcount system at the venue entrance monitors the one-way traffic and alerts the organizer to implement traffic control should there be any overcrowding.