GEG Holds Blessing Ceremony for 2020 Macau International Dragon Boat Races

June 4, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always encouraged its team members to take part in the different cultural and sports events organized by the Macau SAR Government. With Macau’s pandemic situation now under control, large-scale sporting events such as the 2020 Macau International Dragon Boat Races are gradually being reintroduced. To show its continued support to this event, GEG is proud to announce that it will be sending three dragon boat teams that consists of team members from various properties and departments to compete in this year’s races.

Yesterday, GEG executives and team members joined a blessing ceremony to bestow good luck upon its dragon boat team members and the three dragon boats - Galaxy Pearl, Galaxy Universe and Galaxy Elegance. The ceremony was officiated by Ms. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources & Administration of GEG; Mr. Andy Lee, Deputy Director of Operations of StarWorld Macau; and Ms. Trancy Koh, Chairperson of the GEG Staff Social Club. To show support and encouragement to the teams as well as to wish them good luck on winning the upcoming races, the executives carried out the traditional rituals of eye-dotting the dragonheads, cutting the roasted pigs, and distributing the red packets to the Dragon Boat team members.

Since reaching their decision to participate in this year’s race, the GEG Dragon Boat team has increased the frequency and intensity of its training to better prepare for the races. GEG executives has visited the team regularly during its training and cheered for the participants by bringing various epidemic prevention supplies and delightful snacks. With team members’ health and safety being its top priority, GEG has been attentive to their anti-epidemic needs and fully complies with the Macau SAR Government’s policy on implementing a number of COVID-19 prevention measures, such as requiring temperature checks and the use of hand sanitizers by all participating team members. In addition, GEG also prepared face masks suitable for outdoor activities and arranged a representative from the Galaxy Macau’s Grand Resort Deck to share the outdoor health and safety precautions, personal hygiene and virus prevention and control knowledge with the dragon boat team members so that they can train and compete under a safe and hygienic environment.

The GEG Dragon Boast Team has been a passionate and recurring participant of the annual Macau International Dragon Boat Races since 2005. Mr. Tyson Hoi, the Coach and Captain of the GEG Dragon Boat Team, said, “the International Dragon Boat Race is one of the most important traditional events in Macau and all of our dragon boat team members have been looking forward to this annual event. Although the pandemic has significantly reduced the amount of time that we spend on training, I have confidence in our team and believe that we will achieve good results again this year.” With GEG’s support, the GEG Dragon Boat Team has garnered numerous awards and is competing for the 15th consecutive year in the Macau International Dragon Boat Races.