GEG Holds Crime Prevention Workshop with Judiciary Police

July 16, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is committed to protecting the safety of its guests and team members through regularly organizing various training and activities that deliver safety messages to team members. Recently, GEG invited the Gaming-related and Economic Crimes Investigation Department of the Judiciary Police (“PJ”) to co-organize a crime prevention workshop, where information about common crimes and prevention measures were introduced and discussed to raise crime prevention awareness among team members.

Mr. Leong Kin Wai, head of the Gaming-related Crimes Patrol Section, Ms. Ieong Heng Mui, Coordinator of Criminal Investigation of the Anti-Money Laundering Division, Mr. Chan Ka Hou, Chief Criminal Investigator of the Gaming-related Crimes Patrol Section, Mr. Lei Chi Wai, Chief Criminal Investigator of the I.T. Crimes Division, and Ms. Ip Iao Kuan, Chief Criminal Investigator of the Economic Crimes Division of PJ, attended the workshop and introduced crime prevention to team members. The workshop included a lecture and a group discussion where PJ personnel introduced the common types of crimes, related legal knowledge and crime prevention measures with GEG team members. During the group discussion, PJ representatives attempted to strengthen team members’ ability to identify and react to criminal activities by leading team members to explore the typical crimes that they may encounter at work and to critically think about the appropriate response measures and strategies that they can take to combat those activities.

Mr. Leong said in his speech, “We thank GEG for always supporting PJ on our publicity work to raise crime prevention awareness. In addition to introducing gambling-related crimes, this workshop also included the sharing of information on other common crimes so that we can strengthen the crime prevention awareness among GEG’s team members and also encourage them to pass this knowledge to their families and friends.”

GEG has been working very closely with different law enforcement authorities of the Macau SAR Government on promoting safety awareness, and has provided various related training to team members. As the first gaming operator to conduct a crime prevention workshop with PJ in 2017, GEG has stayed in close contact with the authority in organizing related activities to promote crime prevention awareness. In addition, GEG had also worked with the Public Security Police Force Traffic Department to co-host seminars to promote road safety to team members.