GEG Launches U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program

July 27, 2020 – To support the internship program that was recently organized by the Macau Labor Affairs Bureau (“DSAL”), Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) launched a U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program (“U-LEAD Program”) that offers a three-month internship to fresh graduates referred by DSAL so that they can obtain a deeper understanding of integrated resort operations, further develop their professional skills, and obtain the work experiences needed for planning of their future career pathways. Recently, GEG held open days for the U-LEAD Program at Galaxy Macau, which attracted fresh graduates from various local universities and institutions.

During the open day, participants explored GEG’s career opportunities through the company’s introduction of its latest development projects, executive speeches, and the sharing of success stories by current team members. In addition, fresh graduates also participated in ice-breaking games and engagement activities aimed at arousing their energy, encouraging teamwork, and boosting their confidences. At the end of the event, on-site interviews were conducted with the participants, and those that have been selected will be assigned to different departments within GEG’s properties, including resort front-office and back-office operations, administration, etc.

The U-LEAD Program is tailored for fresh graduates. With a “SiFu-support” scheme, participants will be expected to work in their positions and develop the related professional skills and knowledge, whilst being coached and guided by experienced team members or department heads. There are 4 goals that participants are expected to achieve through the U-LEAD Program, including (1) developing the essential technical skills such as public speaking skills, communication skills, flexibility, and adaptability to increase competitiveness; (2) gaining a better insight of the company and the industry; (3) working as teams and understanding the importance of team spirit, as well as building connections; (4) learning from GEG’s success by understanding GEG’s unique culture and “Asian Heart” service philosophy.

GEG has been working closely with the local universities and institutions on supporting local talent development and helping local talents discover their career paths. Since the launch of the GEG Internship Program in 2008, GEG has provided comprehensive training and integrated resort internship experiences to more than 650 tertiary education-level students. GEG pledges to continue to offer local talents with a wide-range of internship opportunities as part of its commitment to nurturing talents and to support Macau in becoming a world center of tourism and leisure.