GEG Works with NGOs to Promote Responsible Gaming

July 29, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) proactively promotes the importance of responsible gaming through organizing various events and activities. Earlier, GEG donated MOP$100,000 to the Bosco Youth Service Network (“BYS”) in support of its launch of a new service for the community works to support teens in gambling addiction preventions and treatments. Meanwhile, in addition to last month’s collaboration on the hosting of different responsible gaming trainings and workshops for team members, GEG and Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office (“SKH”) recently co-organized a parent-child financial workshop to help team members and their family members develop financial literacy and enhance parent-child relationships.

Earlier, Mr. Johnson Hui, Assistant Vice President of Program Management of Public Relations of GEG and Ms. Afra Wong, Senior Manager of Responsible Gaming of Public Relations of GEG, represented GEG in presenting a MOP$100,000 cheque to Mr. Nelson Wong, President of BYS and Mr. Vincent Yp, Chief Executive Officer of BYS. The donation will be used by BYS to establish a new social service that promotes awareness for teenage gambling addiction, substance abuse, and provides help to teens who are struggling with related problems. Mr. Wong said, “To move forward the community’s promotion of teenage gambling and substance abuse prevention, we need the support and participation of all stakeholders. We thank GEG for being the first gaming operator to support our new service, and we thank GEG for showing care and concern for teens with special needs. We look forward to building a long-term partnership with GEG, and to develop a one-stop addiction prevention and recovery service in Macau.” GEG fulfills responsible gaming pledge and became the first gaming operator to be recognized as a “caring partner for teens” by BYS.

Besides, GEG and SKH recently co-organized a parent-child themed “Family Fun: Money Management Workshop”, of which more than 30 team members and their family members attended. Through various parent-child activities and games, the workshop offered correct family and financial management concepts to the participants. By strengthening the participants’ financial knowledge, it is hoped that they can strengthen their family harmony and understand the harms of gambling addiction.

As the first gaming operator to establish the responsible gaming team, GEG has been proactively promoting responsible gaming to its team members. Earlier, GEG held a series of responsible gaming training and activities, including the GEG Responsible Gaming Program Workshops, Responsible Gaming Committee Training, and “Building Positive Family Relationships” workshop to deepen team members’ responsible gaming awareness. Moving forward, GEG will continue to follow the Macau SAR Government’s policies and strategies on responsible gaming, and fulfill its commitment to promote responsible gaming to different stakeholders.