GEG Youth Achievement Program Holds Air Macau Local Crew Sharing Session

August 11, 2020 – Through a wide range of initiatives, including co-organizing the Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”) with the Macau Management Association (“MMA”) for nine consecutive years, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) actively supports local talent development. Recently, YAP held the “Air Macau Local Crew Sharing Session on COVID-19 Efforts & Dream-Chasing” where local cabin crews for Air Macau were invited to share their pandemic and dream-chasing experiences and stories with young people in hopes of inspiring them to continue to strive for personal growth and to contribute to society during the pandemic.

The sharing session was attended by Mr. Leong Man Ion, Deputy Director of the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau; Mr. Leong I On, Head of the Division of Secondary and Vocational Technical Education of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau; Ms. Anabela da Rosa, Vice President of Air Macau; Mr. Tommy Lau, Council Chairman of MMA; Mr. Raymond Bao, Council Vice-Chairman and Honorary Treasurer of MMA; Mr. Alex Mok, Ms. Catherine Ng, Ms. Simone Ho, Council Vice-Chairman of MMA; Mr. Phillip Cheng, Director of GEG; and Ms. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources & Administration of GEG. Mr. Phillip Cheng, Director of GEG, said in his speech, “Nurturing young talents is one of GEG’s important corporate social responsibilities. GEG will continue to invest in local young talent development through a variety of initiatives.” He also encouraged young people to keep chasing their dreams despite the challenges brought by the pandemic. Mr. Tommy Lau, Council Chairman of MMA, said, “MMA has spared no effort in promoting the development of local management talents, and has provided various opportunities for young talents to grow. In the future, MMA will continue to work with GEG to promote local youth development.”

During the sharing session, Ms. Rosita Mak, a cabin crew for Air Macau, shared her experience in serving on the chartered flight from Hubei Province during the pandemic. She said that the crew were fully aware of the risks involved and that they still volunteered for the mission in hopes of contributing to society. The Macau SAR government and Air Macau have taken all necessary precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all crew and personal on flight. Meanwhile, Mr. Tommy Lao, a First Officer Pilot for Air Macau and Ms. Joanna Choi, a Cadet Pilot for Air Macau, recounted how they fulfilled their dreams to become a pilot. Mr. Lao said that becoming a pilot has always been his dream. He was lucky to join the first batch of the Air Macau Cadet Pilot Program, and became the first local cadet pilot who completed the program. For Ms. Choi, she said that it takes a lot of perseverance to be the first female cadet pilot in Macau, and that with strong determination, any women from Macau can become a pilot. Their sincere and affectionate sharing had inspired many of the attending young participants.

The sharing session attracted more than 120 participants. In addition to current and previous YAP members, GEG also invited fresh graduates from the U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program to attend. Through this opportunity, it is hoped that the fresh graduates can gain a deeper understanding of YAP, and be encouraged to further broaden their horizons and make personal discoveries by joining other YAP activities. In the Q&A session that followed, the participants used QR codes to ask the Air Macau crew their questions, which helped deepened their understanding of the local aviation industry.

Since the launch of YAP in 2011, YAP has been nurturing and inspiring local young people between the ages of 18 to 29 on the topics of “Self-Awareness”, “Community Care” and “Career Development”. So far, more than 3,000 young people have participated in YAP. In line with Macau’s pandemic prevention policies, this year, YAP launched a series of online workshops and lectures so that the participants can continue to learn and acquire new knowledge at home. Earlier, YAP held the “GEG x YAP Career Pathways Sharing Session” and invited GEG’s management to share workplace opportunities and challenges with the participants. In addition, an “Interpersonal Relationship and Communication Skills” workshop was held to teach YAP members how to improve their communication skills and establish good interpersonal relationships. Moving forward, GEG and MMA will continue to nurture young talents and provide a sound platform for young talent development through YAP.