GEG and BYS hold “Parent-Child Day Out in Adventures 2020” to Promote Responsible Gaming to the Community

September 8, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) actively promotes responsible gaming by organizing various activities. Recently, GEG title sponsored the Bosco Youth Service Network (“BYS”) in organizing the “Parent-Child Day Out in Adventures 2020” event at the Healthy Life Education Centre of the Social Welfare Bureau of Macau. Through an innovative “learning together” parent-child teaching approach, the event successfully delivered key messages on responsible gaming and building positive attitude toward life to the community and attracted the participation of more than 120 parents and their children.

Following its donation to BYS earlier for the launch of a new community service, GEG collaborated with BYS again recently, by sponsoring its hosting of a parent-child adventure experience event. The event, which included various parent-child adventure experiences, board games, interactive games booth and parenting seminars, deliverd key responsible gaming messages and promoted parent-child learning by encouraging parents to work together with their children on overcoming their challenges through different indoor rock-climbing, swing ladder, crisscross and handcart games for kids. By creating a fun environment, the event aimed at deepening the participants’ understanding of responsible gaming in a simple and clear way, encourage problem solving among children, cultivate healthy parent-child relationships, prevent gambling disorder, and reduce the negative impacts that gambling disorder may have on society.

Mr. Dickson Tam, Deputy Centre-In-Charge of “FREEland” of BYS, said, “We thank GEG for its supports and trusts in helping us raise people’s awareness of responsible gaming through this event. The response from the event was very positive; some of the participating parents said the event was novel and interesting, that the responsible gaming messages were clear and easy to understand, and it helped deepen their child’s understanding of the topic. In addition, the activities encouraged parent-child interaction, which helped enhance their relationships."

Mr. Buddy Lam, Senior Vice President of Public Relations of GEG, said, “GEG has been actively promoting responsible gaming to its team members by organizing roadshows, training, workshops and quizzes on a regular basis, and by providing counseling and support services to those team members and their families that are in need. To provide more comprehensive responsible gaming education, this year, GEG expanded its responsible gaming promotion to the community, and established long-term partnerships with different social service organizations by supporting and working with them on organizing a series of promotional activities that focuses on healthy family relations.” Earlier, GEG and the Macao Catholic Family Advisory Council co-organized the Building Positive Family Relationships Workshop, which discussed the relationship between stress and addictive gambling behaviors and the methods to solving family members’ gambling problems. Through these and other initiatives, GEG strives to deliver responsible gaming messages and raise gaming disorder prevention awareness to team members and the community. Moving forward, GEG will continue to join hands with different stakeholders to promote responsible gaming.