GEG Holds Parent-Child Ice-Skating Experience Event to Spread Love to Society’s Vulnerable

September 17, 2020 – Throughout the years, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has proactively organized and supported a wide range of outreach activities that extends the community’s care and affection to society’s vulnerable. Earlier, GEG invited children and their parents from the Chu Kwong Center of the Association of Parents of the People with Intellectual Disabilities of Macau (“AFEDMM”) to Broadway Macau™ for a one-of-a-kind skating experience at the city’s first synthetic ice-skating rink for kids - the “Magic Rink” by Ice-art Production. Through this event, GEG hopes to help parents enrich their parent-child relationship, encourage team members to participate in volunteering activities, enhance the social interaction between team members and members of the community, as well as spread love and care to different parts of the community.

During the event, the GEG Volunteer Team explained the ice-skating precautions to the participating families and assisted them in putting on the protective equipment. Once the children had their skates on, they were escorted to the synthetic ice where GEG volunteers and their parents assisted them with their balancing. After familiarizing themselves with the skates, the children paced back and forth the arena and chased the “aquatic animals” that were projected onto the rink. For an added sweet surprise, the GEG volunteers also made and handed out caramel popcorn to the children. Furthermore, face painting and self-portrait photography booths were also made accessible for children and their parents to play and take memorable photos.

Mr. Im Ka Wai, Head of Chu Kwong Center of AFEDMM said, “We are extremely grateful to GEG for organizing this event so that our children can experience ice-skating with their parents and strengthen their parent-child relationships. Since ice-skating is a new experience for our children, we thank the GEG volunteers for helping to take care and support our children by patiently assisting them in putting on the skates and encouraging them to overcome their fears and challenges on such a colorful and joyous synthetic ice rink.”

To fulfil its corporate social responsibility, GEG has been raising awareness for society’s underprivileged community through organizing different activities that foster inclusivity and social harmony. In the past, GEG has collaborated with AFEDMM on organizing events such as the “Stars with Me” training workshop to deepen GEG team members’ knowledge and communication with people with intellectual disabilities, as well as joined AFEDMM for the “Hand in Hand” volunteering exchange in Guizhou. Moving forward, GEG will continue to pay active attention to the needs of, and provide support to people with special needs, and assist Macau in building a harmonious and inclusive society.