GEG Invites CPTTM to Hold Occupational Safety and Health Training Technique Course

October 22, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) values the workplace well-being of its team members, and has been organizing a wide range of activities and training to promote occupational safety and health (“OSH”) at its properties and construction sites. Earlier, GEG invited the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (“CPTTM”) to hold an OSH Training Technique Course. As part of the “GEG Cotai New Development Occupational Health & Safety Promotion Series”, the training course targets safety supervisors and aims at reinforcing their OSH knowledge and improving their training skills so that they can effectively deliver key OSH messages to fellow construction workers, build a safe and healthy workplace, and cultivate OSH training talents for the construction industry.

Twenty safety supervisors from GEG’s project development team, main contractors and their sub-contractors attended the training. All of the participants were qualified safety supervisors and obtained certification from the Labour Affairs Bureau. During the training, CPTTM’s trainer introduced and promoted Macau’s OSH regulations, and gave an in-depth explanation of the different training skills such as course planning, application and evaluation, that the participants can use to reinforce their OSH knowledge and equip themselves for delivering future OSH trainings to other construction workers. In addition, the training also included group discussions and practice sessions where participants were invited to practice their teaching, communication and expression on one another so as to build their confidences.

Mr. Victor Cham, Assistant Project Manager of Construction Safety of Project Development of GEG attended the training and said, “We provide OSH training to our construction workers regularly to raise their awareness. This course has helped us better understand how we can deliver OSH messages to our construction workers more effectively based on our daily operations, the working environment, and the different types of project work that is being carried out so that our working partners can learn more efficiently, and we can work together to improve the overall health and safety in the workplace, which I think is very helpful.”

GEG has been actively promoting safety awareness. Earlier this year, GEG launched the “GEG Cotai New Development Occupational Health & Safety Promotion Series”. Through the series, GEG has organized a variety of training and activities to enhance the physical and mental health of construction workers, and to create a safer and healthier work environment. Recently, GEG organized a workshop where a professional fitness trainer from Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office was invited to carry out stretching and yoga exercises with over 100 construction workers and help them to prevent muscle strain, reduce fatigue and related injuries. In addition, GEG also signed a safety charter with Shanghai Construction Group (Macau) Limited. Moving forward, GEG will continue to work on promoting OSH culture and work-life balance, as well as facilitate the physical and mental well-being of its team members.