GEG Launches “Responsible Gaming Awareness Week” for the Eighth Year

October 29, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been actively promoting responsible gaming to its team members and the public by organizing various activities. This is the eighth consecutive year that GEG has organized the “Responsible Gaming Awareness Week” for its team members. Held for three consecutive weeks from October 12 to 31 at the back-of-house areas of Galaxy Macau™, Broadway Macau™, StarWorld Hotel and City Clubs, the event promotes responsible gaming to team members through a series of interactive roadshows, workshops, and prize-giving quiz games, aimed at deepening team members’ related knowledge.

GEG has been supporting the “Responsible Gaming Promotion 2020” series co-organized by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, the Social Welfare Bureau and the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming of University of Macau. This year, GEG collaborates with different social service organizations on launching a series of activities for families during the “Responsible Gaming Awareness Week”. Among the initiatives, GEG and the Macau Youth Volunteer Association jointly arrange a “Your Ideal Home” roadshow that includes games on helping team members explore how individual choices can impact their future, and thus, why rational gambling behavior is important for themselves and their family. Besides, GEG also co-organizes a workshop with the Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office (“SKH”) where their experienced gambling counselors are invited to share gambling disorder case studies with team members. Via in-depth discussions and video sharing on real-life cases, team members are introduced to different support methods for affected families. Meanwhile, GEG also launches a prize-giving quiz game to enhance team members' responsible gaming knowledge.

To optimize and improve its responsible gaming corporate culture, GEG regularly provides related trainings and activities for its team members. Earlier, GEG has invited the Macau Gaming Employees Home to the back-of-house areas of its properties for multiple roadshows where a thoughtfully designed “Don’t Gamble Away Your Family” interactive game is played with team members so that they can maintain a happy family, understand the importance of mutual support between family members, and learn the potential family problems associated with problem gambling as well as the ways to prevent such behaviors. GEG and SKH will co-organize another roadshow in November to further strengthen team members’ responsible gaming knowledge.

Over the years, GEG has made responsible gaming a fundamental part of its corporate social responsibility, and has continued to cooperate with the relevant government departments, agencies and organizations to promote responsible gaming information. This year, GEG has cooperated with several social service organizations on organizing a wide range of responsible gaming promotional activities such as training programs, roadshows, parent-child workshops and adventure experience days, etc., for its team members and the community. As well, GEG has also donated to the Bosco Youth Service Network for the start-up of the “FREEland” gambling addiction prevention services. In the future, GEG will continue to maintain close communication and cooperation with all stakeholders, and work together to promote responsible gaming.