GEG Holds “Best Safety Award 2020” Presentation Ceremony

January 11, 2021 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) actively supports the occupational safety and health (“OSH”) policies of the Macau SAR Government and promotes OSH at its properties and construction sites through a wide range of activities and training. Earlier, GEG’s Project Development organized the “Best Safety Award 2020” presentation ceremony to recognize the outstanding OSH performance of the supervisors, contractors and subcontractors of its new development sites in Cotai, during which GEG had thanked them for their contribution and encouraged them to continue to work together to uphold the good safety record and build a safer workplace for its team members. 

Attended by representatives from GEG’s contractors and subcontractors, awards were presented to contractors with the best safety record, contractors with the best housekeeping enhancement, contractors with the best safety enhancement program, subcontractors with the best safety, and supervisors with outstanding OSH. In his speech, Mr. Simon Kwok, Senior Vice President of Project Development of GEG, said “Ensuring the safety of all construction site personnel is an important mission for the team and a top priority for GEG’s development projects. We appreciate our stakeholders for their efforts and contributions, and hope that we can all continue to work together to establish a wholesome OSH culture.” In addition, Mr. Chan Chun Sing, who received the Outstanding Supervisor in Occupational Safety and Health award, said, “In the past year, GEG had organized a series of OSH related activities for us, which helped prepare us for increasing levels of commitment to workplace health and safety. We are very grateful for the award, which is a recognition of our team’s excellence in maintaining an excellent OSH track record, and an encouragement for us to do even better.” 

Aiming to raise the OSH awareness of its construction site personnel, GEG launched the “GEG Cotai New Development Occupational Health & Safety Promotion Series” with training and activities including a wellness workshop where a professional fitness trainer from Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office was invited to carry out stretching and yoga exercise with more than 100 construction workers to enhance their physical and mental health. GEG also held an OSH training technique course for local safety supervisors where a trainer from the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center reinforced the participants’ OSH knowledge and improved their skills as trainers. Through the event, GEG hoped to cultivate additional OSH training talents and to get the participants to help deliver key OSH messages to fellow construction workers so that they build a safe and healthy workplace together. 

GEG has always made it a priority to promote OSH awareness. The Occupational Safety and Health Committee of GEG has implemented a long list of safety and health measures. Last year, GEG signed a Safety Charter with the Shanghai Construction Group (Macau) Limited to define shared OSH practices and values in hopes of enhancing their close communications and formalize their commitment to work together to create a safer working environment. In the future, GEG will continue to actively promote OSH.