GEG Team Members Visit the “Base of the Education of Love for Motherland and for Macau for Young People”

January 15, 2021 – Through different initiatives, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) actively promotes national education, national affairs, and China’s development to its team members and the community. Being the first day that the “Base of the Education of Love for the Motherland and for Macau for Young People” is opened for the public, GEG organized a visit for its team members to tour the exhibition, review China’s history, and support the Macau SAR Government’s national education strategy by learning about China and Macau’s development. In the coming weeks, GEG will arrange members from the GEG Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”) that GEG co-organizes with the Macau Management Association, and students from the Lui Che Woo College of the University of Macau (“LCWC”) to visit the exhibition so that they can deepen their sense of pride and strengthen their national identity.

Today, GEG team members visited the Base of the Education of Love for the Motherland and for Macau for Young People that is located at the Handover Gifts Museum of Macao. Co-organized by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau and the National Museum of China, the exhibition is a permanent fixture with three thematic areas showcasing the history of Chinese culture, China’s development, and its remarkable achievements in modernization. Through the guided tour of the collection of photographs, relics, displays and interactive facilities, team members were offered a glimpse into China’s 5,000-year-long history, culture, and also its successes within the past century. They also visited the theater and viewed a video of the history and development of Macau. Some team members said that the exhibition applied innovative technologies to help them better visualize the exhibits and the stories behind them, it was interesting, educational, and also helped them to gain a deeper understanding of local history, the development of the country, and also the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and the Macao Basic Law, which closely relates to their daily lives.

As a new educational venue set up by the government in late 2020, the Base of the Education of Love for the Motherland and for Macau for Young People aims to promote national education and enhance teenagers’ patriotism. GEG is actively responding to the government’s call to promote the exhibition by planning two other visits, and in the coming days, will bring YAP members and students from LCWC to the exhibition. By supporting the Macau SAR Government, GEG hopes to promote Chinese culture and China’s achievements to young people, and cultivate more future leaders for the benefit of Macau and the country.

Over the years, GEG has been promoting national development and education to students, team members and the public through a variety of means, including by title sponsoring the GEG Macau Cup – Youth National Education Competition and its educational trips for winning students for 12 consecutive years. The annual competition has attracted over 90,000 participants since its debut. GEG also made patriotic education one of the highlights of YAP in order to enhance participants’ knowledge of the latest development of China and Macau, which includes organizing field trips to a number of major Chinese cities. In addition, GEG regularly organizes national education activities for its team members, including visits to different exhibitions and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Garrison in Macau. Moving forward, GEG will continue to support and strengthen national education in Macau to continue to nurture talents that are rooted in the city and have a heart for the motherland.