GEG Holds Parenting Skills Training for Team Members for 3 Consecutive Years

April 26, 2021 – Valuingthe well-being of its team members, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) aims to create a pleasant and harmonious working environment for them, and to help them attain a happy family life. This year, GEG continues to hold the Parenting Program, a parenting skills training for its team members. With a newly added training course on “Decoding Adolescents’ Language”, this year’s team members are able to learn, during their work hours, how to enhance their parent-child relationships, strengthen their family bonds, and promote a family-friendly and work-life balanced culture within the company. Initiated and funded by the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation, the program is delivered by the Young Men’s Christian Association of Macau (“YMCA Macau”) with the help of parenting instructors from Hong Kong. 

Based on the age of their children, this year’s participants are divided into 3 groups: parents with children between the ages of 2 to 4, parents with children between the ages of 5 to 7, and parents of adolescents between the ages of 10 to 14. The third group of participants is the target participants of the newly-launched “Decoding Adolescents’ Language” training course, which they take during their working time by completing a total of 8 hours of training over a period of 4 weeks, and learning the parenting skills needed to communicate and manage adolescent behaviors. Conducted by instructors from Hong Kong through live streaming and by instructors from YMCA Macau, the course uses interactive lectures, role plays, group discussions and fun-filled activities to help the participants discover the different approaches to parenting and responding to and nurturing children’s emotions and behaviors so that the participants can improve their parent-child communication, strengthen their parent-child relationship, and better understand why patience is important when teaching their children. Same as the previous year, the program has been included in the “100% Parents Award Scheme” of the Education and Youth Development Bureau of the Macau SAR Government, which allows the participants to accumulate their training hours towards the award.

Since 2019, GEG has been offering this first of its kind parenting skills training program to help shift-working parents, the industry, and Macau. The program is highly sought after, and attracts a high participation rate and positive feedback. Last year, the program was extended to non-roster team members so that more parents can benefit. Among the team members that had participated, all of them were proactive in sharing their questions, family experience, feelings and thoughts. Ms. Lao Chong Kan, Pit Supervisor of Table Games said, “I need to work in shifts, and my child turns 10 years old this year. I hope to improve my communication skills with my child so that I can get well-prepared for my child’s adolescence. Several of my colleagues joined last year’s program and shared what they learnt with us; and because this year’s new course meets my needs, I decided to join the program myself. The course instructors were very professional and taught us many skills to help us better communicate with our adolescent children which are useful and applicable in my daily life. I am very thankful to be working in such a caring company that cares not only about our career, but also our well-being and family life.”

Through many initiatives, such as optimizing the facilities and services of its back-of-house areas, GEG is committed to building a caring and comfortable workplace for its team members. In addition, GEG is also committed to talent cultivation by organizing different activities for the continuous development of its team members, such as by organizing specialized skills and knowledge development trainings to help enhance the professionalism, performance and quality standards of its team members at various operational departments. As well, GEG organizes many training programs and workshops that promote self-development and occupational safety and health, and encourages team members to be attentive to their physical and mental health and safety. Moving forward, GEG will provide even more training opportunities to help its team members achieve greater heights on their career and well-being.