GEG Invites MAA and AFEDMM to “Peppa Pig Happy Day Interactive Fun Fair – Macau” and Holds Training for Volunteers

Apr 28, 2021 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) supports corporate volunteerism and established the GEG Volunteer Team in 2011 to provide team members with a platform to reach out and extend help to the local communities. Earlier, GEG invited families from the Macau Autism Association (“MAA”) and the Association of Parents of the People with Intellectual Disabilities of Macau (“AFEDMM”) for an enjoyable visit of the “Peppa Pig Happy Day Interactive Fun Fair – Macau” at the Broadway Macau™. In addition, GEG also celebrated this year’s World Autism Awareness Day by arranging volunteers to attend the “New Understanding of Autism” seminar co-organized by MAA and the Macau Science Center. As a part of the GEG Volunteer Team’s “Empathy in Action” Training Series, the seminar gave volunteers the chance to learn more about autism from different angles and how to engage with autistic individuals.

Over 60 members and family members were invited from MAA and AFEDMM for the visit to the newly-opened “Peppa Pig Happy Day Interactive Fun Fair – Macau” exhibition at Broadway Macau, during which they played with the popular children’s cartoon characters. In town from April to mid-June, the exhibition features many scenes from the cartoon in a 1:1 ratio and offers a number of play areas and interactive games. Joined by GEG volunteers, they assisted the participants with the games and photo-taking. As well, they also took the opportunity to strengthen their interaction and friendship with people with autism and other special needs. 

To help GEG volunteers better serve the community and understand the needs of different people, GEG launched the GEG Volunteer Team “Empathy in Action” Training Series as part of its 10th anniversary celebration. The Training Series includes many training and simulation activities, such as the “New Understanding of Autism” seminar where GEG volunteers learnt from professionals the various challenges faced by autistic people and their families, as well as the strategies to handle problem behaviors. Through the speaker’s experience sharing, volunteers were able to learn more about autistic people from an individual, societal and educational perspective, and obtain a better understanding of how to interact with them under different environments and settings, which GEG believes, are useful to them when carrying out future volunteering activities. 

Committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, GEG has been raising awareness for society’s underprivileged community. In the past, GEG has collaborated with AFEDMM on organizing events such as the “Stars with me” training program which included workshops for its Security Department team members to learn how to communicate with people with special needs. As well, GEG organized a wide range of inclusive activities for different special needs groups, including the ice-skating activity for families from AFEDMM; the inclusive boules and inclusive basketball events with Macau Special Olympics (“MSO”); and the “GEG x MSO Table Tennis Game”, which GEG has been title-sponsoring for 10 consecutive years. Moving forward, GEG will continue to work closely with local social service associations and help build a harmonious and inclusive Macau.