GEG and BYS Hold “GEG Presents: Responsible Gaming Community Promotion Program – Discover the Mystery” Room Escape Activity

May 17, 2021 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) actively promotes responsible gaming to different groups in the community through supporting and organizing a variety of activities. Recently, GEG title-sponsored the “GEG Presents: Responsible Gaming Community Promotion Program – Discover the Mystery” where more than 20 sessions of a responsible gaming-themed room escape activity were held by “FREEland” of the Bosco Youth Service Network (“BYS”) at the Maria Centre. The event aimed at extending GEG’s responsible gaming pledge to young people of the community, and raise responsible gaming awareness through this novel and popular activity.

Recently, GEG sponsored “FREEland” of BYS on holding a number of room escape activities, which attracted more than 120 young people aged between 13 and 29. Two rooms with different responsible gaming-themed puzzles set at different levels of difficulty were made available for the participants, along with guidance on helping them solve the puzzles while learning the correct concepts of responsible gaming. Participants formed teams of 5 to 6 members and worked together to uncover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish different responsible gaming related tasks needed for them to escape the rooms. After each gameplay, staff from BYS also summarized the key concepts of responsible gaming with the participants. Teams that correctly solved the puzzles and successfully escaped the rooms were entitled to enter a lucky draw for prizes. Winners of the lucky draw were announced via BYS’s Facebook fan page after the delivery of all sessions of the activity. Through this brand new and exciting activity, GEG hopes to further promote the importance of gambling addiction prevention and treatment to young people, as well as to help them understand the harms of gambling and the need to resist impulsive gambling behaviors.

Mr. Dickson Tam, Deputy Centre-In-Charge of “FREEland” of BYS said, “This is the first time that BYS had organized a responsible gaming-themed room escape activity and we delighted to have received so much positive feedback from the participants. As we are targeting youths, it is essential for us to be innovative and creative in our event planning. With GEG’s support, we were able to organize many diversified events that young people take interests in, and can more readily accept our educational message. We envision a long-term partnership with GEG so that we can combine our resources to benefit the community.” After attending the activity, Ms. Ao, a student from the Integrated Resort and Tourism Management of the University of Macau, said, “We were all excited about the escape room activity and this theme as we have never participated in one before. It was a fun and enjoyable escape room activity. Since my teammates and I all major in tourism-related studies, we know how important responsible gaming is to the community. We have strengthened our related knowledge and look forward to participating in related activities in the future.”

As the first gaming operator to establish a responsible gaming team, GEG has been working closely with different NGOs including BYS, the Youth Volunteers Association of Macao, Macao Catholic Family Advisory Council, Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office and Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home Integrated Services Centre on organizing a wide range of responsible gaming promotional activities such as back-of-house roadshows, training programs and workshops for its team members, and parent-child activities and parenting seminars for the community. In addition, GEG donated to BYS’s launch of a new “FREEland” service to support teens with gambling addiction prevention and treatment, and was also the first gaming operator to be recognized as a “caring partner for teens” by BYS. In the future, GEG will continue to follow the government’s policies and strategies on responsible gaming, and fulfil its commitment to promote such information.