Health Bureau Launches Vaccine Drive at Galaxy Macau: GEG Vice Chairman Gets Jab on First Day

June 10, 2021 – In response to the Macau SAR Government’s call for the public to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and to help Macau achieve herd immunity, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) invited the Health Bureau to set up a vaccination point at Galaxy Macau™. The three-day vaccine drive, which starts today, follows on the heels of two COVID-19 Vaccine Information Seminars that GEG recently held for its team members. Dr. Lo Iek Long, Director of the Health Bureau, and Dr. Liang Sung Wen, Consultant of the Health Bureau, visited the vaccination point today to show their support while Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG, came forward to be the first executive to get vaccinated at the vaccination point together with other executives.

While inspecting the vaccination point at Galaxy Macau this morning, Dr. Lo Iek Long and Dr. Liang Sung Wen expressed their support to the medical workers and cheered on the GEG team members getting their shots. They also exchanged views about vaccinations with the GEG team. Dr. Lo said, “We are glad to see the enthusiastic participation from GEG team members in the vaccine drive. We believe that more GEG team members will be encouraged to get vaccinated with Mr. Francis Lui taking the lead today. On behalf of the Health Bureau, I would like to thank GEG for actively promoting vaccine information to their team members and making related arrangements to help facilitate the vaccination work. With a rebound of the pandemic situation in neighboring cities, all sectors of the community in Macau should continue to strictly implement related prevention measures, and citizens should make appointments for vaccinations as soon as possible.”

Mr. Francis Lui said, "We appreciate the efforts of the Macau SAR Government in rolling out timely and effective measures and leading the community’s fight against COVID-19. We are also extremely grateful for the efforts made by all frontline workers to safeguard Macau. GEG’s collaboration with the Heath Bureau on setting up a vaccine drive and hosting vaccine seminars is helping to encourage team members and their families to get vaccinated and thus to help Macau get closer to achieving herd immunity. As a responsible corporate citizen, GEG will continue to fully comply with and support all pandemic-related measures of the SAR Government and to maintain a high standard of health and hygiene. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect Macau."

GEG has been using various internal channels to provide vaccine information to its team members. Several executives recorded a video encouraging their colleagues to get vaccinated. Furthermore, roadshows were held in back-of-house areas to provide information that team members should take note of when getting their shots and also to display QR codes for convenient vaccination bookings. Team members have supported the call and made their registration proactively. GEG team members who get their first and second shot of COVID-19 vaccine between June 1 and July 31 can enjoy up to two days of Special Vaccine Leave on the day of or the day following their vaccination in order to allow them sufficient rest.

Committed to the health and safety of its team members, GEG has implemented a host of pandemic prevention measures on its properties and in its back-of-house areas, in addition to supporting several initiatives in the community. To keep team members informed about vaccination, GEG held COVID-19 Vaccine Information Seminars on June 1 and 2. Dr. Tai Wa Hou, representative of the Health Bureau, President of the Macau Physician Association of Public Hospital, and Clinical Director of the Conde S. Januário Hospital, and related staff were invited to present information about the vaccines to more than 700 team members. Attendees were also given an in-depth analysis of several imported cases. As pandemic prevention and control has become part of society’s new-normal, GEG will continue to support the Macau SAR Government’s related guidelines and policies and work together with the community in the pandemic prevention efforts.