GEG Works with MGIEH to Promote Responsible Gaming

July 7, 2021 – Committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) works with different social services organizations on the active promotion of responsible gaming. GEG and the Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home Integrated Services Centre (“MGIEH”) have joined hands on organizing a series of activities to promote responsible gaming to GEG team members and the community. Among the many initiatives that have been launched, the “GEG Presents: Stay Rational When Having Fun” campaign aims to encourage GEG team members and the general public to remain prudent while enjoying the games and related entertainment that are accessible to them during the 2020 UEFA European Championship through both online and offline channels. In addition, GEG also worked with the Youth Volunteers Association of Macao (“AJVM”) and the Macao Catholic Family Advisory Council (“MCAF”) on hosting a "Relaxation Workshop for Working Women" that introduced sources of stress and coping strategies to female team members, and taught them how to manage their emotions positively to improve their health and mental wellbeing.

Launched in the end of May, the “Stay Rational When Having Fun” campaign will run for nearly two months, aimed at encouraging the public to be rational when engaging in games and related entertainment during major sports events. The campaign consists of a variety of activities, including roadshows at GEG’s back-of-house which successfully helped more than 1,000 team members bust the myths of football betting while they played at the specially designed foosball table. Meanwhile, GEG has also supported MGIEH to help raise the wider community’s awareness of responsible gaming by distributing relevant pamphlets at various sports venues and community recreational areas in Macau; and by posting and sharing an easy-to-understand four-frame comic on its website and social media platforms. The comic tells the defeated story of a football fan who wrongly believed that he can calculate his probabilities of winnings. The comic aims at helping young people understand the risks and behaviors of gambling addiction, and its related prevention methods.

In addition to the campaign, earlier, GEG also invited its frontline gaming team members to participate in a board game training organized by MGIEH. The training helped the participants learn of the difficulties faced by family members of persons with gambling disorder as well as ways to cope with the challenges and build a positive attitude when faced with temptations. Mr. Pak Kin Pong, Officer of MGIEH, said, “We thank GEG for its long-time support and partnership on promoting and raising public awareness for responsible gaming, as well as for helping us bring positive impact to the community.”

GEG cares about the wellbeing of its team members and organizes a wide range of activities to deter possible problem gambling behaviors and help team members relieve their stress. Recently, GEG, AJVM and MCAF co-organized a stress reduction workshop for working women, and invited experienced social workers to introduce the causes of stress for women in workplace and family life, share their insights on how to reduce stress, and teach the participants how to make cement diffusers and use aromatherapy to calm their minds. As the first gaming operator to establish a dedicated Responsible Gaming Team in Macau, GEG regularly organizes a variety of knowledge training, roadshows, workshops and quizzes to promote responsible gaming to its team members and the community. Moving forward, GEG will continue to work with different stakeholders to promote responsible gaming through various initiatives.