Independent Non-executive Directors

Mr. Michael Victor Mecca

Mr. Michael Victor Mecca, was appointed as a non-executive Director in May 2018 and has been re-designated as an independent non-executive Director in March 2023. Prior to his appointment as a non-executive Director, Mr. Mecca served the Group as President and Chief Operating Officer since 2009 and was the President since September 2015 until his retirement in April 2018. Mr. Mecca holds a Bachelor degree in Foreign Affairs from the University of Oklahoma in the USA. He has held senior executive roles with a number of globally-recognized gaming and hospitality brands in Las Vegas and Melbourne. Mr. Mecca was formerly a member of the board of directors of Société Anonyme des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Étrangers à Monaco (“SBM”) from September 2015 to September 2021, SBM’s shares are publicly traded on Euronext Paris and in which the Company holds an indirect interest of approximately 5%. Mr. Mecca has been licensed by the Gaming Commissions in both Nevada and Michigan in the United States, Victoria in Australia and Macau. Mr. Mecca is also the Honorary President of The Macau Gaming Management Association (“MGMA”), Advisory Board Member of Macau University Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming (“ISCG”), Member of G2E Asia Executive Non-Gaming Advisory Board, Honorary Advisor of International Film Festival & Awards Macao (“IFFAM”) and Honorary President of Macau Responsible Gaming Association.